Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Would you dress like this for the airport?

"Strike a pose boys, your mama's famous!"

What's up with Becks dressing up like the Hoochie Mama Cowgirl while travelling? I know she's famous, and paparazzi are always trailing her, but what's wrong with a nice comfortable velour sweatsuit or jeans and a blazer? I feel sorry for her kids, looks like Brooklyn (on the left) is already thinking what I'm thinking.."my momma's crazy." [photo source]

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Virenda said...

Lol okay when I saw this pic (huge gossip fan) the person "reporting" it talked about how Hot she was!! Um, ewwwwww, gross! Her skin is very leathery and honestly her poor boys are going to grow up with a mother that thinks that outfit looks good, to travel in.