Saturday, January 28, 2006

Accessories Matter

Jessica Simpson knows that if you're going to get photographed walking around town the morning after, you better look chic doing it. Jessica carries the new Marc Jacobs Perforated Leather Brigitte handbag. Odd as it is, I really like it. It can be purchased for $1,295 at

photo source: Green Straw

What was Britney thinking?

"I'm a rapper, fo shizzle!"

Thanks Britney...for marrying a dumbass, catapulting him to instant fame, and allowing him to release a lameass song that is going to be stuck in my head for weeks. I don't know what it is about Popozao, but after listening to it only once, I can't get that stupid little tune out of my head. I need to spread the pain, so please everyone click on this link and experience just a piece of what Britney lives with everday. Now I really feel sorry for her, perhaps this is why she stopped washing her hair and let herself go.

Kevin's video link on MTV Raw

Kevin's MySpace Profile


Like I've said before, I don't like to dabble in politics, but articles like this make my blood boil. According to the latest news from the AP, one of the tactics the U.S. army uses to get "information" is to seize a "suspect's" wife. One of them was a 28 year old nursing mother of three young children, the youngest being 6 months old. They detained her for two days before an intelligence officer with a heart complained about it and let her go home. Think about it, that could be us if we were ever so unfortunate to live in a country like Iraq. Punishing women and children like this is barbaric, I especially feel for the mother and child. I nursed all my children and they never took well to a bottle. If I were to be kidnapped because the army thought my husband was an insurgent (which he is NOT!) my babies would starve because my husband would be incapable of feeding them. I can't even imagine the hell that family must have gone through at the hands of the U.S. Army. It is the height of cruelty to do this to women and children. I don't know how Bush sleeps at night.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Playdates, it's a good thing

After scrutinizing several episodes of Caillou, I've realized how Caillou's mother stays so calm: it's playdates. My friend out in California tells me she has playdates all the time where moms get together and drink tea while their children play. The playdate "host" changes from week to week so no one gets stuck hosting and having to clean up all the time. Moms get a chance to talk to other adults and the kids have fun, it's a win-win overall. I wish I could have playdates with my kids but in my neighborhood either the moms work or the mothers are just not interested in playdates. It's pretty sad. So to compensate, I have turned my local Barnes and Nobles into my playdate heaven. I get to drink fresh Starbuck coffee and my kids get to play with the train set and look at all the picture books. I pick up after my kids if they've made a huge mess so the saleswomen won't be like "Oh God, here she comes again with her platoon of messy kids", and so far we are very welcome there. I sometimes chat with other moms visiting the store but usually I'm engrossed with a magazine and my cup of coffee (while keeping an eye on the kids, it's a shame but there are alot of weirdos out there who snatch kids, we parents can never truly relax in a public place). It's the multi-tasking playdate, but it's better than nothing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sperm for Sale

"My name is Vincent Gallo, male gigalo. I am selling my sperm for $1 million to any woman who wants it, although discounts will be given to blond haired and blue eyed females of the Aryan race. If you're as sexy as I am, I'll give it to you in person."

Just when you think there is a lull in the gossip mills, morons like this pop up. Leave it to DJ to find the best in the gossip world. Visit her site Conversations about Famous People by clicking here. Read the full article about Vincent sowing his seeds at Gothamist. It's ironic that I find this news today after dreaming about Oded Fehr last night (it wasn't dirty, I was rescuing him and Julianne Moore from a building that was going to blow up, we were all secret agents. The scene was a play by play of a Jimmy Neutron cartoon I saw earlier in the day with my kids. I think things were about to get dirty, but as luck would have it I woke up.) Here's a pic of the Oded from the movie Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalo. I think Oded has a better chance of getting offers than Vincent.

"Women pay me to give them pleasure"

By the way, have you seen Oded in Sleeper Cell on Showtime? He is so hot. I know the serial is about terrorists and sleeper cells, but they cast him in the lead and all I can think about is how good looking he is, and oh yeah he's supposed to be the bad guy and I'm supposed to be afraid of him, but he's such a good looking bad guy...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Feeling so grossed out

On the weekends I usually don't cook. We either eat out (either at someone's house or at a kid-friendly restaurant) or order food to bring home. Today we ordered Chinese. General Tso's Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Lo Mein, and White Rice. My son and I ate a little bit of everything while my husband fed the girls Chicken Fried Rice and White Rice. As soon as I was done gobbling food, I offered to switch with my husband. The girls love Lo Mein and only I can feed it to them in a non-messy way. However, as I was scooping the Chicken Lo Mein onto a plate, guess what I found in there? A wrapped up BAND-AID!!!! As if it had been wrapped around someone's finger and somehow slid deep inside the dish of Chicken Lo Mein. Yuck! My son and I had already eaten a good portion of this. I felt like throwing up, but due to an irrational fear of vomiting and making a mess of myself, I miraculously didn't. (If I have a choice between vomiting or diarrhea, I choose diarrhea.) I told my husband something had to be done about this, so he called the restaurant they said they would remove the charge for the Lo Mein off the menu. I was like "What? That's it?". Hippie Muslimah Mommy was over at our house when the incident took place and said we should get the whole meal for free because God knows what else could be in the rest of the stuff we ate (although I think the rice dishes were probably fine, still the whole incident freaked us out). So my husband called back and they weren't understanding why we wanted the whole order credited. I said "Why don't you take the Lo Mein dish with the Band-Aid in it down there to the restaurant and tell the manager in front of all the other diners there that you found a BAND-AID in the Lo Mein". Now, it seems the manager understood. They were like "No, please don't bring the food back, we will credit you." After the whole finger in the chili thing, a lot of restaurants are freaked about getting slapped with lawsuits and loss of business from tarnished reputations. Even though we got credited, I still feel grossed out. My son has no clue what happened and went to bed calmly soon after, but I'm up late feeling naseated. I swear if I get sick, I'm calling Eyewitness News.

Passions goes Bollywood

Passions is one of those guilty pleasure soaps you know are ridiculous, but just have to watch. On January 27th, Gwen is going to have 6 minute song and dance Bollywood dream sequence. Since I'm a fan of both Hollywood and Bollywood, I just have to watch. I saw a preview of the video on TV, click here to take a look. The stars are doing the dances really well, I'm impressed. I'm setting the episode for recording on my DVR.

photo: TV

Saturday, January 21, 2006

4 Things Tag

Wow, I got tagged by Virenda from the Green Straw. Tagging is new to me, as Tlon says, it's very much like chain-mailing in the blogging world. Here's my take on the 4 things tag:

Four Jobs That I've Had:

  1. Telemarketer. I had to convince people to allocate their assets with a big investment firm. I got hung up on alot. Now when telemarketers call me, I always listen to their schpeel before kindly declining because I've been in their shoes too, and it ain't a pretty job. (Another thing we have in common, Virenda!)
  2. Receptionist for a real estate agency. Pretty blah work for $10 an hour.
  3. Auditor for Big Six accounting firm. This was my first real job after I got my MBA. Some days were fun, most days were hell. I got burned out from the long hours and commuting all over the place and left after putting in my required two years. I never got my CPA neither do I have any desire to in the future.
  4. Internal Auditor for a telecom company. This was my "country club" job. Light hours, light work load. I made tons of friends and we had a blast. We spent most days just chatting, working a little bit, having long lunches, joking by the water cooler etc... When we travelled, we stayed at fine hotels and ate at nice resteraunts, all on the company tab. We were having a great time until someone realized we really didn't do much and decided to outsource our department to a Big Six firm. I was lucky though, I had a baby and decided to become a stay at home mom before everyone got layed off.

Four Movies I can watch over and over again (if I ever have the time!):

  1. Titanic (I watched it 3 times in the theatre.)
  2. The Day After Tomorrow
  3. The Lion King
  4. Finding Nemo

I had to really think about the movies. Since I had kids, I don't really have time to watch movies that I like, the kids have veto power over what goes into the DVD player. I have seen Lion King nearly 100 times so far and have all the dialogue memorized.

Four Places I've Lived:

  1. Elmira, NY
  2. Karachi, PAKISTAN (Nice place to visit, but I don't ever want to live there again!)
  3. Hoboken, NJ (which is actually like another borough of Manhattan)
  4. North Brunswick, NJ

Four T.V. Shows I love to watch:

  1. Charmed (I must be the only thirty-something watching this show, it's the last survivor from my Buffy, Angel, and Charmed trio days)
  2. Commander-in-Chief
  3. Desperate Housewives (I know, it's a guilty pleasure)
  4. Rabba Ishq na Hove (this is a Zee TV soap I get on our satellite dish channel. It has english subtitles, but I'm bilingual so I understand it. It's better than any American soap opera I've ever seen!)

Four Website's I read Daily:

  1. Conversations about Famous People (CAFP). I love Distressed Jeans, she is hilarious!
  2. Pink is the New Blog
  3. MSN Money (I like to follow the stock market, bet you didn't know that!)
  4. All the sites on my links, especially, my latest find.

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Yosemite National Park
  3. Pakistan (actually none of my trips to Pakistan should be labelled "vacations" because it is hot as hell there and I spent most of my time indoors sleeping and eating...or getting glucose drips at the hospital from the food posioning I contract each time I go there)
  4. Acadia National Park

Four Favorite Foods:

  1. Asian Dumplings and Potstickers (I love these too V!)
  2. Biryani and Raita
  3. Nihari
  4. Channa Dal Gosht and Basmati Rice (But my Mom has to cook this, I don't know how to make it)

Four places I'd rather be (at this precise moment?):

  1. Asleep
  2. Reading a book in front of the fire place and drinking hot cocoa
  3. Getting my hair done at the salon
  4. Relaxing on the beach (Ibiza!)

Four People I tag:

There's no obligation, but I'd like to tag those who I think have not been tagged yet and I know read my blog:

  1. Hippie Muslimah Mommy (come'on girl , you know you want to!)
  2. MM
  3. Too Many Kids

I only can think of three people, sorry. Thanks for the tag Virenda, I had no idea what to blog about today and I think I've revealed more about myself in one post than I could in ten. Hope you guys don't think I'm too weird and will keep reading!

Phone Nazis

Once I had kids, I lost a lot of privileges I used to take for granted. I lost the right to take a shower without making a prior announcement, sleeping whenever I wanted to, and eating an entire meal without getting bothered by the kids. Now I've lost phone privlieges as well. Everytime I try to talk to a human being on the phone, the kids can't take it. My son demands to know who I am talking to and trys to grab the phone away from me. He wants to talk on the phone too. And the girls realize that I'm not paying attention to them anymore and start screaming or jump on top of me to pull my hair. Just a few days ago, I tried to talk to a dear old friend of mine who I wish I could keep in touch with more often. I had been wanting to talk to her for such a long time, and finally when I saw the kids were busy playing a game, I decided to dial her number. As soon as I got her on the phone, the kids went ballistic. My son demanded to know who I was talking to and wanted to speak to her as well. The girls started fighting with each other over the same toy. I went into another room to talk to my friend quietly and the kids followed me there as well. They started piling up on each other on top of the glass coffee table. My friend must have thought I live in a complete nuthouse. Realizing my time was limited I started talking really fast, trying to get as much in as I possibly could before I had to hang up and yell at the kids. Then the doorbell rang, it was Dominos, so I had to get the door. Another conversation cut short unfairly. I'm lucky my friend is understanding. She, amongst other far away friends of mine, is the main reason I started this blog, so I could communicate with people at odd hours like 3 am, the only time I have to myself in the entire day. It seems that when I'm typing away on computer, the kids don't realize I am actually communicating with people. But I have to wait until they are asleep to type otherwise they will smack the laptop and try to pretend to type as well. I pray this phase of theirs will end by the time preschool starts. I want my phone privilges back.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Isabella Fiore's New Stud Muffins

First it was the famous Whipflash Audra bag, which later came to be known as "the Katie Holmes bag". Now Isabella Fiore has come out with amazing new styles for spring called Stud Muffins. The design of these bags are little bit like Bulga but with alot more thought to creative design and details. Isabella Fiore is taking off in a big way, celebs like Mena Suvari and Alyssa Milano are already big fans, yet surprisingly all her bags are priced under $1,000. Here are few Hobos and Stud Muffins I particularly love:

The "Metal of Honor" Carina Stud Muffin, $795, and the bag as it appears when carried by Mena Suvari. (This bag is not a good choice for daily wear if you overdo your eye-makeup and are 5'2" and under, but it is still a cool looking bag for maybe, going to the airport or travelling.)

Ready Whip Yvonne Leather Hobo, $645

Carina Stud Muffin in Celadon Green, $695

Isabella Fiore is sold at and also at Actually Adasa has some styles that Neiman's doesn't carry, including the Carina Stud Muffin in Bold Brown, which is my favorite out of her new line, after my first choice, the Yvonne in Chocolate Brown. Maybe the husband will read my blog and buy me an IF bag for my birthday.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Things that make you go hmm about kids shows

My kids watch alot of TV during the winter months. I know the fresh air is good for them and I should be taking them outside daily, but I am the cook, diaper changer, clothes changer, house maid, driver, everything. No one can move a muscle unless I move, and these days I'm so zapped of energy I don't really care to do anything but drink highly caffinated beverages in front of the fireplace and TV. Sleep is out of the question because if I do go down for a nap, I end up sleeping longer than the kids and I wake up dazed, confused, and late for the next "to do" on the schedule (laundry, cooking dinner, the list is endless). The husband helps out on the weekends so that's the only time I get to go out in the real world because three little rascals are just too much for me to handle alone.

That being said, while I'm cleaning or cooking or doing some household errand, my kids spend time with the electronic babysitter, the TV. We have become familiar with all the kids shows on Noggin, Nick Jr., Disney, and PBS. Our current favorite is Caillou. These shows are tailored for little children and very wholesome and educational. But there are many things about them that would make most rational adults say "What the....?"

Among them, my ponderings:

  1. Why is Caillou bald, he's four and he still has no hair? I hope he's not on chemo.
  2. Why does Dora's mother let her go wander in the jungle all by herself for hours? Isn't she afraid she might get kidnapped by some troll?
  3. Same for Diego, he gets chased by smiling sharks and barely makes it home alive, yet his parents haven't got a clue. Big sister Daisy isn't much help watching the show from her control room.
  4. What is with Sportacus's pants? What is he packing in there?
  5. Amongst the disguises Robbie Rotten stores in his closet to wreak havoc on the residents of "Lazytown", one is of Marie Antoinette. Is Robbie Rotten a cross-dresser? Transvestite? Should he even be in the same town as little children?
  6. The video for the Wiggles song "Farmer Brown" with the little girls dressed up as horses swishing their tails is creepy as hell, it needs to removed from the Disney channel pronto.
  7. Those kids who play with Barney look too old to be playing with Barney.
  8. Steve, from old episodes of Blues Clues, looks like he is wearing lipstick. (Steve vehemently denies he is gay by the way, check out what he's up to now here.)
  9. Dee Dee Doodle from The Doodlebops is a bigger diva than J. Lo.
  10. Charlie and Lola is the worst cartoon ever, it should be banned. Charlie is too young to be entrusted to take care of his little sister. This cartoon reeks of parental negligence, CPS needs to be called stat.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another brush with fire

Today we had another brush with fire. This morning, after I finished changing everyone's diapers and pull ups, I decided to go to the bathroom myself . I close the bathroom door and leave the kids outside for this because otherwise they all come in while I'm on the toilet and start making a mess with the toilet paper. The children were watching a cartoon in the bedroom so I thought it would be safe. When I come out, I find the room empty, where did the kids go? I scan the room quickly and notice FIRE! The kids had thrown a children's book (Snow White in case you were wondering) into our space heater and it was flaming. A million thoughts were running through my mind about what to do next. Should I go get baking soda and throw it in there (I heard that works with kitchen fires, but I had no time to go hunting for baking soda), then I thought, should I grab the book by the unburnt edge and throw it in the sink, call 911 again? I can't believe I was so frozen about what to do looking at the fire, wish I could've slapped myself. The fire alarm started to go off and that helped me come to my senses and act fast. It was an electric space heater and the fire was still contained inside, so I quickly unplugged it, picked it up by the back handle (flaming book still inside ya'll) and dumped the entire thing in the bathtub. I turned on the water and doused the fire. Then I opened the windows so the fire alarm would shut up. There were ashes everywhere and I felt like screaming at my kids, but was thankful they had the sense to run out of the room when they saw the fire (my girls are only 19 months old, but Big B was there to guide them out.)
After cleaning up the mess and questioning the kids, I found out the arsonist was my son. I gave him a lesson about fire safety, calling 911 if in trouble and all that jazz. I also thanked him for getting his sisters out of the room when the fire broke out, and he replied, "Oh I didn't take them out of the room. They just followed me when I ran downstairs." Oh, thanks buddy. Here I thought he was looking out for the family. Oh well, he's only three, so he's allowed to only think of himself. There are some grown-ups who still can only think of themselves, we all know people like that don't we? But I guess this is the contribution to society mothers make (shout out to Lena here about The Survey). Mothers are in charge of making sure their children grow up to be kind and considerate of others, be safe, be understanding...etc.. so our world won't be full of selfish people living in a ruthless society. I think half the criminals in this world just needed a good mamma to help guide them on the right path.

Well, we survived. The kids are about to wake up from their nap soon so I gotta run. I wish I could post here more often but my kids just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bling Bling

You know if Sarah Jessica Parker wears the same earrings day after day, she must really like them. She has worn the same Fred Leighton cushion cut diamond leverbacks to every public appearance since she bought them. In an interview with Allure magazine a few months ago, she referred to them as her "lucky" earrings and even wore them while promoting her new perfume, "Lovely". Now I see Jessica Simpson, Nicollete Sheridan, and even some girl in Lucky magazine wearing them. The trend is catching on, and I want a pair too! I can't afford the original Fred Leighton design, which is a total carat weight of approximately 8 carats of diamonds and cost $35,000 (more than my minivan!), but has created a well-made replica for only $50. gives you the option of buying these in olive and amethyst as well, but I think the CZ replica of the original is the best. I already placed my order for a pair, but found out later from SheFinds that there is a coupon code for Enter "She8ship" at the checkout and you get free shipping. I don't know if the code still works, since it was posted back on December 19th, but it's worth a try.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Bloody Mischa

Tight white T-shirt and sweats: $60

Snacks for anorexic body: $2

Having your period in your tight white sweatpants while the paparazzi snap close-ups of it: Priceless. [source]

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Colin Farrell and Emraan Hashmi, Separated at Birth

I'll admit it. I watch a few Bollywood films here and there when I have a little time and the kids are either asleep or being really good. I first noticed the actor Emraan Hashmi in a movie called Murder, mainly because he bears a striking resemblance to Colin Farrell. Here are a few pics of the two I gathered from the net. The similarity is uncanny, isn't it?

Colin (left) Emraan (right)

Colin (left) Emraan (right)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Would you dress like this for the airport?

"Strike a pose boys, your mama's famous!"

What's up with Becks dressing up like the Hoochie Mama Cowgirl while travelling? I know she's famous, and paparazzi are always trailing her, but what's wrong with a nice comfortable velour sweatsuit or jeans and a blazer? I feel sorry for her kids, looks like Brooklyn (on the left) is already thinking what I'm thinking.."my momma's crazy." [photo source]

When it rains it pours

Yesterday was one of those days where you step back and think "why is this happening to me?" It started as a typical sleep-deprived day. I hadn't slept all night because the kids kept waking up wanting to sleep in my bed, so by 5 am I gave up trying to make them sleep in their rooms and everyone was in our king size bed. The husband got up to leave for work at 5:30 am, so by then, me and the three kids got to spread out a litle more and had more room to sleep.

I figured I'd sleep till 8:30 am and begin the day, but when I woke up, the kids were still sleeping (they were up all night too after all), so I decided to go back to sleep. We finally woke up at 11:00 am, damn late but since I'm a stay at home mom and none of my kids go to school yet, it's all good. So we finally changed diapers and did all our morning stuff and marched downstairs for breakfast (at noon). While I was cooking, the kids found a piece of styrofoam from a gift someone had given to us (it was a really nice clock, but I forgot to dispose of the box and the styrofoam padding it came in, just left it by the front door thinking I'd throw it in the garbage can tomorrow.) Well, the kids got to it before I remembered to throw it out, and proceeded to tear it up into pieces and spread it all over the family room. I made a mental note to clean that up after I do the dishes (which included last night's dishes as well, so big mountain of dishes). After breakfast, I made the mistake of using the powder room downstairs with the faulty flush. This toilet has been giving us trouble for a while. It keeps running unless you tap the handle after you flush. Anyway, I use it and flush, and all is good. But then I decide to wipe my nose with toilet paper and flush that down the toilet, and the toilet OVERFLOWS! We are talking about gallons and gallons of water rushing out. I thougt it was going to flood the house. Then in a big gush, the toilet sucked the water down. Damn, I thought, now I have to clean the bathroom floor, in addition to vacuuming the family room and doing the dishes. Then the fire alarms in the house go off, every single one! I was like WTF is happening, can the disasters just stop??? Now the kids are scared and crying and I'm running all over the house trying to find the source of the fire but can't even smell smoke. I call the husband, but no answer. So I said, fuck it, I'm just calling 9-1-1. As soon as I got a human voice on the line, I went hysterical. I was like "Help, all the fire alarms in the house are going off, I can't find the fire, I have three kids in the house.....I don't know what to do!" (I started crying here, I'm so embarrased about that). The EMS guy asked me if there was anywhere I could go with the kids, and I was like "what? No!" So he told me to dress the kids for the outdoors and stand outside of the house while the fire trucks and police come. It was raining outside and we were all still in our pj's (the girls were wearing blanket sleepers with the feet attached). It would take me forever to get everyone's jackets and shoes on so I thought it would be better if I just got in my car with the kids and waited inside a heated minivan while help arrived. My 3 year old son put on his slip on shoes, and I grabbed the girls, my purse, cell phone, and house phone and car keys and ran into the minivan. We pulled out of the driveway and parked across the street. As I waited for help to arrive, I thought if the house burns down, at least we are all safe. Coats, clothes, diapers, all that can be bought again, but thank God we are safe in our car, and we can drive to my Auntie's house 45 minutes away if things get really out of control. Now I was really glad I decided to wait in the car. What if we were out standing outside in the rain and the house did blow up along with my minivan in the garage?? Finally the cops came, and then the fire trucks with lights and sirens blaring. The kids were delighted with the show, I was a nervous wreck.

After all was said and done, the Fire Dept. and Police told me what happened was that when the toilet overflowed, the gush of water seeped through the floor boards and down into the room below, which is the furnace room in the basement. The water soaked the furnace room and short circuited the fire detector. That detector made every detector in the house go off. Now we need to get the toilet replaced, call a water damage restoration service to clean out the water rot in our basement, and get a contractor to put up new drywall and insulation. Damn.

I went back inside and put the kids in their beds, threating to send them too the zoo if they woke up and cried for me, (since they are afraid of the zoo, this threat works, sometimes). I vacuumed the family room, cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, cooked dinner, and then called the plumber and Serve-Pro, the restoration company. The husband had come home early from work to assess the damage and call the insurance company (he had called back while I was waiting for the police in the minivan) .

We are looking at upwards of a $1,000 in damages from this damn incident. All because I decided to wipe my nose with toilet tissue and double flush. I'm so tired. Today I tried to take a nap when the kids napped, but just could rest so I decided to blog out my troubles. This weekend we are going to the Home Depot to get a new toilet (one with overflow protection) and sometime this week our basment is going to get pumped. I've had enough fun for the new year, I just want to get some sleep now.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Rant about Public Bathrooms

We've got a huge dilemma going on in the house. My 3 year old is potty trained now (finally!) but the husband won't let him sit on a public toilet seat. So when we go out, he wears a pull-up so in case he needs to go pee pee, and the public toilet is gross as hell, he can pee in his pants. Yeah, I think it's weird too, because it confuses the poor kid. But since he's a recent convert to the toilet and still wears pull-ups at nap and bedtime, he doesn't seem to have a big problem with it. The only exception is poop. My son only does that in the toilet. If he needs to poo, and we are outside of the house, I take him the ladies room and line the seat with a liner or toilet paper before he is allowed to sit down and do his business. Then I meticulously clean him up and wash his hands and open the door for him with a paper towel as we are leaving. I may sound really neurotic and obsessive compulsive, but I just don't want him to get sick or come in contact with other people's nastiness. I think if we as a public were cleaner about our bathroom habits maybe I wouldn't need to be such a germ phobe, but the public bathroom situation is truly disgusting. Many people would like to just blame it on the janitorial staff, but I think the problem lies with the people who use and abuse public bathrooms.

Just take my recent experience during the drive back home from New York this weekend. We stopped at a McDonalds to eat and use the bathrooms (and change diapers for the girls), and the bathroom was just filthy. We're talking ladies room here, the husband already had used the men's room and declared it a "cesspool of ecoli". In the ladies room there were two stalls, one handicapped stall with a Koala Baby Diaper Changer and one regular skinny stall. In the handicapped stall, someone had their period all over the seat, and in the skinny one, there were splashes of urine on the seat and floor. The question raised in my mind is, what kind of women do it all over the seat? Missing the mark is a guy thing, but women have to sit to do everything, so why such mess on the seat? A friend of mine once told me that some women "squat and hover" to avoid touching the seat, but then end up ruining it for those of us that simply line the toilet seat with paper and sit down. Yuck. I wish the hovering bitches would just line the seat and sit their fat asses down or at least clean up their mess with a disinfecting wipe. It's a shame how some people use the toilets outside. I wonder, is this how they treat their bathrooms at home?

You can bet I definitely didn't let my son use the toilet. Good thing he was constipated and didn't need to poop. And the girls....we were lucky we were only about an hour and a half from home so they didn't have to sit in their soggy and poopy diapers for much longer. I was not going to change their diapers on a dirty change pad in the same stall "Bloody Mary" had just trashed. Since I didn't have the luxury of a pull-up diaper, I had to line the seat in the skinny stall and use it, but the minute we all got home, everyone got a shower.