Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sperm for Sale

"My name is Vincent Gallo, male gigalo. I am selling my sperm for $1 million to any woman who wants it, although discounts will be given to blond haired and blue eyed females of the Aryan race. If you're as sexy as I am, I'll give it to you in person."

Just when you think there is a lull in the gossip mills, morons like this pop up. Leave it to DJ to find the best in the gossip world. Visit her site Conversations about Famous People by clicking here. Read the full article about Vincent sowing his seeds at Gothamist. It's ironic that I find this news today after dreaming about Oded Fehr last night (it wasn't dirty, I was rescuing him and Julianne Moore from a building that was going to blow up, we were all secret agents. The scene was a play by play of a Jimmy Neutron cartoon I saw earlier in the day with my kids. I think things were about to get dirty, but as luck would have it I woke up.) Here's a pic of the Oded from the movie Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalo. I think Oded has a better chance of getting offers than Vincent.

"Women pay me to give them pleasure"

By the way, have you seen Oded in Sleeper Cell on Showtime? He is so hot. I know the serial is about terrorists and sleeper cells, but they cast him in the lead and all I can think about is how good looking he is, and oh yeah he's supposed to be the bad guy and I'm supposed to be afraid of him, but he's such a good looking bad guy...


Virenda said...

I read about the sperm thing and that is gross, okay?! ~shudder~ and Oded was in Mummy returns as well.. :0) He would get a crap load of offers, and lots of personal offers as well. Aryan race really?! What a moron.

mommyof4 said...

We are wathching sleeper cell too. there is a coulpe of hotties in that show!