Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Isabella Fiore's New Stud Muffins

First it was the famous Whipflash Audra bag, which later came to be known as "the Katie Holmes bag". Now Isabella Fiore has come out with amazing new styles for spring called Stud Muffins. The design of these bags are little bit like Bulga but with alot more thought to creative design and details. Isabella Fiore is taking off in a big way, celebs like Mena Suvari and Alyssa Milano are already big fans, yet surprisingly all her bags are priced under $1,000. Here are few Hobos and Stud Muffins I particularly love:

The "Metal of Honor" Carina Stud Muffin, $795, and the bag as it appears when carried by Mena Suvari. (This bag is not a good choice for daily wear if you overdo your eye-makeup and are 5'2" and under, but it is still a cool looking bag for maybe, going to the airport or travelling.)

Ready Whip Yvonne Leather Hobo, $645

Carina Stud Muffin in Celadon Green, $695

Isabella Fiore is sold at NeimanMarcus.com and also at Adasa.com. Actually Adasa has some styles that Neiman's doesn't carry, including the Carina Stud Muffin in Bold Brown, which is my favorite out of her new line, after my first choice, the Yvonne in Chocolate Brown. Maybe the husband will read my blog and buy me an IF bag for my birthday.


Virenda said...

I need the green bag right NOW!!! can I just say you have now tortured my wallet and my soul! LOl love this post and love the bags. I love the green then the dark brown then the light brown and I can't wait to see if I can find one on sale. ;0) thanks for the post, I have a new favorite purse.

Virenda said...

you made me a sick woman now, all i can think about are those bags. I don't have the money for them either!!! :0( well kinda do if I save, then it'll be laptop or purse, ~sigh~

Chic Mommy said...

i don't have the money for these either, they are just on my lust list, like everything else I crave (materially that is). We're still reeling from the costs of the toilet exploding downstairs, so I carry these bags when I'm dreaming about going out clubbing with Joe (from Blue's Clues.)

Virenda said...

LOL, okay way to funny chic mommy.