Sunday, September 23, 2007

So Hot for Fall, the Bebe Trench

I saw this trench over at Bebe a few weeks ago, and regret not purchasing it when I had the chance. They were having a special sale on it for $98, but as usual, I spent too much time contemplating the purchase and missed out on the deal. The main reason I was ambivalent about getting this was because I didn't think I would wear it much, or it would be too hard to maintain. I mean, my everyday clothes are more of the "machine washable" variety like jeans and t-shirts. Where exactly would I go wearing a trench and jeans outfit like this? A playdate? The park? Uh, no. That's not exactly how I roll.

But it's so cute, and of course, now I can think of nothing else but owning this. This will always come in handy to wear on those days I need to look a little more polished but have no idea what to wear. It's such a simple outfit to put together, and I like how it looks both dressy and casual at the same time.

The trenches at Bebe comes in several varieties, such as pleated, double-breasted, etc.. but I personally like this style shown here, because it's single-breasted. If you're top heavy like me, stick with the single breasted trenches like this, they're more slimming and minimize your bozangas. This Belted Trench, and others like it, are currently available at Bebe for $129.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have seen the Anti-Christ and his name is Muno!

My kids are crazy for this new show Yo Gabba Gabba, and I've gotta admit, I really like it too. The music is hip and my kids love dancing along to the songs. At times, the show reminds me slightly of a Hampshire College rave from the 90's, but I won't tell my kids that just yet.

However, there is one character on this show I find particularly creepy: the red cyclops named Muno. Why? Because I believe he is a symbol of the occult.

Just look at him. Doesn't he just scream "OMEN"? He's red, like the devil, and he's got one eye in the middle of his forehead, just like the "dajjal"/anti-christ is theoretically supposed to have. And then there's the name of this character itself, "Muno". Did you know Muno is a city in Belgium notorious for the Castle of Darkness, where demonic rituals against children are reported to have taken place? (Google it for yourself, if you want to get freaked out.) Seriously, I didn't even know about this whole Castle of Darkness shit until I googled the words "Muno is the anti-christ", and well....what do ya know, Castle of Darkness and devil worship links appeared, further confirming my suspicion that this freaky red cyclops is indeed the anti-christ personified.

I know it sounds silly and conspiracy theor-ish, but the similarities between the Yo Gabba Gabba "Muno" and the symbols of the occult appear too close for comfort. Especially that eye of his, it's eerily similar to the notorius "all-seeing" eye of Satan printed on the back of every U.S. dollar bill, you know, the one hovering over the pyramid announcing the "Birth of the New World Order". It's beyond creepy.

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