Saturday, January 28, 2006

Accessories Matter

Jessica Simpson knows that if you're going to get photographed walking around town the morning after, you better look chic doing it. Jessica carries the new Marc Jacobs Perforated Leather Brigitte handbag. Odd as it is, I really like it. It can be purchased for $1,295 at

photo source: Green Straw


Lena said...

Chic Mommy, you and I are both insomniacs! It's tomorrow.:)

Do love the purse. And maybe love what it represents even more - that I had $1200 to blow! LOL

Chic Mommy said...

I bet she got it for free. Marc Jacobs expects the rest of us to shell out $1200 for it because we're suckers (or so he thinks). I'm a total insomniac tonight coz one of my babies keeps waking up and I keep having to put her back to sleep. I think eventually I'm going to give in and let her sleep with me in my bed. I have to be at a Curious George storytime tomorrow at B&N at 11 AM so guess who's going to be loading up on the undereye concealor and coffee?

Lena said...

LOL! You cannot be late for Curious George. You know what those monkeys do when they're mad!

I'm up late because the little girl is at Grandma's for the weekend and huzby is asleep. Perfect blogging time. I always write better at night anyways.

Hope tomorrow is joyous for you. Might want to make it a Venti.

rabiaiman said...

chic mommy! dont know how u do it with all the posts! now if only i can get off of ur blog and unto mine perhaps i can answer the tag :P

Virenda said...

Love the purse, not the price. I love that the first thing we both noticed was the hot purse. I wish I had 1200 to blow, ~sigh~