Saturday, January 28, 2006


Like I've said before, I don't like to dabble in politics, but articles like this make my blood boil. According to the latest news from the AP, one of the tactics the U.S. army uses to get "information" is to seize a "suspect's" wife. One of them was a 28 year old nursing mother of three young children, the youngest being 6 months old. They detained her for two days before an intelligence officer with a heart complained about it and let her go home. Think about it, that could be us if we were ever so unfortunate to live in a country like Iraq. Punishing women and children like this is barbaric, I especially feel for the mother and child. I nursed all my children and they never took well to a bottle. If I were to be kidnapped because the army thought my husband was an insurgent (which he is NOT!) my babies would starve because my husband would be incapable of feeding them. I can't even imagine the hell that family must have gone through at the hands of the U.S. Army. It is the height of cruelty to do this to women and children. I don't know how Bush sleeps at night.


Virenda said...

Bush sleeps like the dim-wit he is, which is to say he sleeps just fine.

I do think its barbaric to hold the children and wives responsible for a husbands actions.

Since you've been to my site than you know I stay away from politics, and it is because the "serious" things are hard to handle. The constant pain that other people put each other through is heart breaking.

Hope you have a good night Chic Mommy, shouldn't you be in bed?!

Lena said...

Well, Bush sleeps just fine because he snoozes on his 2000TC sheets paid for with our taxes.

Iraqis are not people to him. They are "the others". They are not white. They do not contribute to his campaigns. They do not have a voice as we do.

Did you hear the comment his mommy made about the victims in New Orleans who were living in the Superdome? I'll link it to my site this week. It is jaw dropping. She in essence said that these people were not well off to begin with and this therefore was a "pretty good deal" for them. Do not forget that babies were being raped and murdered. Babies. Murdered. Wow, that does sound like a good deal. You FAT WHITE COW.

You can't blame little Bush. He's only as good as his asswipe parents and he's only finishing what his Daddy started. If that means squeezing his oil out of innocent women and children, then so be it. That's how much power he has. Sickening.

Thanks for commenting on this. I too was appalled. Obviously :}