Friday, July 14, 2006

Steal Nelly's Look

I have this insane ability to duplicate a makeup look simply by looking at the picture. I know there are better skills to have in this world, but this is mine.

So here's how you can duplicate the look Nelly Furtado sported at the David Letterman Show recently. She's totally rocking the navy eyeliner, alot of us don't use this color as much as we should, it really adds a nice zing to your eyemakeup, especially if your getting dolled up to go somewhere special.

-MAC Bliss eyeshadow on lids, MAC Sketch in crease
-Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes Powder Eyeliner in Midnight (I've used this myself, it's the best, another option is Prescriptives Soft Lining pencil in Blue Black)
Line the upper and lower lash line with the navy eye pencil, including the inner rims of the lash line, and then squeeze your eyes shut to get color all smudgy.
-Black Mascara on the top lashes only (pick your favorite, but I'm really liking Maybelline Lash Stylist these days)

-MAC blush in Blush Baby

-MAC lipstick in Pink Apertif
-MAC lipliner in Plum (line and fill in the lips with this color)
-MAC lipgloss in Viva Glam V (dab on the center of lower lip, then press lips together)

This lipstick combination is my new favorite by the way. You desi girls out there should really try this.

UPDATE: I've realized there are alot of women of color out there, especially desi women, who are looking for a foundation that works with olive skin tone. Look no further than Vasanti Cosmetics for foundation and concealor. I actually met the founders of this line, Monal, Pinki, and Priti Patel at a South Asian Bridal Expo in New Jersey, and they are the nicest people I've ever met. And they know makeup. I remember Monal telling me she used to work for MAC before she decided to create her own line.

For concealors, click HERE
Most women who wear Vasanti foundation shade V3 or higher use O2 concealor.

For the foundation, click HERE

I actually did this look on myself a while ago and was lucky to have a picture taken.

I've attached it at the right so you can get an idea of what the makeup looks like on me.

Oops! You missed it. Image removed.

Btw, I use Vasanti Face Base in V3 and Wonders of the World Concealor in O2.


... said...

I'm writing down this list and going to go buy it. I havent bought make up in ages.

Any favorites for coverup/concealer or foundation? Any thoughts on mineral makeup? I need something good.

Chic Mommy said...

maleeha, the best best foundation for desi skin is by Vasanti Cosmetics. Don't bother with anything else.

For foundation

For concealor

If your foundation shade is V3 or above, choose O2 concealor. You have to pay shipping charge, but it arrives in less than a week (all U.S. orders are priority express shipped) and it's worth it.

Aisha said...

Yay we see Chic Mommy :)

Vasanti, I will look it up. I usually go by perscriptives. They blend it to match me

... said...

wow you look lovely chic mommy. definetly chic :)

hmm, my skin is quite a bit lighter than yours. and buying without trying on makes me nervous :/

Chic Mommy said...

maleeha, you might be V2, look at the picture of the girls on their site to see who you look like most. they exchange for free though if you get the wrong shade.

aisha, I know. Startling isn't it? I'm slowly coming out of my blog closet. slowly. stay tuned.
btw, doesn't that custom foundation run you up about $50? I had some made during my wedding, and it only lasted me a couple months, the product seemed to chang consistency and started to smell.

Kelly said...


I hope you know that.

August Sunshine said...

Chic! You posted a picture! OMG. I don't know why I'm so surprised, I guess it's because I haven't seen you reveal anything so personal before. But wow, thanks for posting it!

You are beautiful. :-) And I love the short hair (don't know if it's still short). Your make-up looks great. You can always tell a woman who knows her make-up at desi parties (or anywhere for that matter). If I saw you, I'd definitely categorize you as such.

I have to come back to read the entire post. But I noticed you mentioned MAC Sketch and I have that! Except I never wear it because I don't wear it right. I need some other color to wear it with.

Anonymous said...

Man, your makeup looks really good. I'm so stinking pale that nothing looks right on me...and it doesn't help that I change my hair color all the time ha ha..but you are GORGEOUS and seriously know your makeup!

Chic Mommy said...

thanks ladies, but seriously, it's the makeup. I was dressed up to go to a birthday party in this picture, and just had my hair done too. I don't look like this everyday. I barely get time to brush my teeth, or change out of my jammies, let alone put on a full face of makeup.

Aisha said...

Yes Chic Mommy it was $50 and I also found it first when getting ready for my wedding. Mine doesnt smell or change consistency but... hmm actually it cakes a little bit... I dont know. It hought it was because of not enough lotion before applying. My skin color seems simlar to yours. I wonder if I can take the risk and just order... *gulp*

Chic Mommy said...

I've seen your pic Aisha, you're a V3, I say go for it. ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. I am so going to try the vasanti stuff. But my coloring is so different depending on summer/winter sun. Right now I think I'm much darker than usual, and I don't wear base. V3 I think? For fall/winter?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. I am so going to try the vasanti stuff. But my coloring is so different depending on summer/winter sun. Right now I think I'm much darker than usual, and I don't wear base. V3 I think? For fall/winter?

Carmen said...

I love posts about make-up! When I was younger I never used it because I never knew how to and now my drawer is FULL of it!

Chic Mommy said...

Sadaf, you would definitely be a V3 too. We have the same skin color. I still can't believe your able to surf internet in the hospital. You go mama!

S- tell me about it. I've got a drawer full, plus a bag of makeup in my purse, and a Caboodles with old stuff under my sink. Plus, about 30 brushes. I can't believe I still have a Caboodles, but I can't seems to throw that thing away.

Bengali Chick said...

Looks awesome! There's a retail store that offers the product in Woodland Hills, not too far from home. I'm gonna have to check it out.

You seriously look good.