Saturday, June 24, 2006

Weekend Eye Candy: Anderson Cooper

If I had my way with Anderson Cooper, I'd tickle him just to hear him giggle. He sounds so cute when he giggles. I know he's probably gay, but in my dreams.....he's not. [Photo Source: JustJared.]


Ameet said...

Sigh! When he comes out, I'm throwing a party!

Anonymous said...

You are sooo funny!

August Sunshine said...

Thanks, I didn't see it until now but it's just eye candy for the week! :-) For the record, my husband is not allowed to make similar remarks about beautiful women. Life is just not fair, I know. ;-)

koonj said...

aint he a few years too old for you, CM? :)
August sunshine, i'm the same way! DH has totally learned he cannot say anything about other women except that "Ugh she is BUTT ugly and I hate how excessively large her boobs are etc."

Chic Mommy said...

Koonj, you are so funny! Nope, he's not too old for me. I like that distinguished geek look.

august, my motto is you can look in the candy store without having to buy any candy. But the men have been forwarned that they can't do that infront of their wives (there must have been a secret memo sent to all husbands out there.) I actually catch my husband looking at hoochies at the mall all the time, he tries to hide it, but I always call him on it.
I'll say, "She was hot wasn't she?"
Him: "Oh no..I mean who, I didn't see anyone."
Me: "come on, I know you were checking out her ass."
Him: "only because she was wearing such tight clothes, I was just disgusted...really."

I try really hard to get him in trouble with me, but he too has learned not to take the bait. He knows he would be in big trouble if he ever admitted there was anyone more gorgeous than me ;)

August Sunshine said...

"only because she was wearing such tight clothes, I was just disgusted...really."

lol . . .