Friday, June 02, 2006

The Most Expensive Bikini in America

Last week when I went to the beach, I was so glad I saw no one wearing this. I think the people who wear these kind of suits don't go to public beaches, they go to places like Ibiza or Saint Tropez on their private yachts. This bikini my friends, is by Chanel, and at $1,545 is the most expensive bikini in United States. So what do you get for paying over a grand for a bikini? Not much in material, but you do get a delicate necklace and waist band made of real gold. Chanel considers it to be so elegant it can be worn as an evening dress to a cocktail party (again, probably a party in Ibiza or Saint Tropez). If you're aching for this bikini, you'd better hurry. There are only four left in the whole country.

photo: Liz Sullivan/Splash News

This is the second most expensive bikini, also by Chanel, available for $585. It's the "playful" logo bikini with little C's and hearts in different colors on it. I could probably see Paris Herpes in one of these. Also featured in this photo are the world's most expensive sunglasses by designer Moss Lipow. They are Ostrich and Alligator frames retailing for $3,800. I think anyone who pays that much for sunglasses is an idiot. I bought a pair of $5 Old Navy sunglasses last week and already lost them. I would die if I lost glasses worth $3,800.

Here's a sample of other "must-have" swimsuits for the rich and famous this summer:

Christian Dior

For the desperate housewife trying to seduce the pool boy

Stella McCartney

When a Girdle meets Fashion Forms

This has nothing to do with bikinis, I just like to see Prince William in a Speedo. Polo anyone?

Louis Vuitton

This I actually kind of like. It's cute and great for covering up a little bulge in the belly. But I'm afraid of what will happen to it once it actually touches water.

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Leilouta said...

I don't like to see any man in a speedo :)

Leilouta said...

Ok, maybe Olivier Martinez ,but that is all :)

Ameet said...

Can't wait to start playing Polo :P

Karmyn R said...

I like Prince William's well-placed ball.

dgnyhk said...

I agree, the speedo just doesn't cut it. Then again, I'm not a thigh girl. Give me nice forearms!

sherni said...

Damn, and I think $40 for a bathing suit is too expensive =)