Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We're Here....For Now

Well, we made it. And I'm finding that my formerly Smalltown, U.S.A. hometown is looking more and more like a developed suburb everytime I come here. The biggest attraction here used to be our 24-hour Walmart, but now even Walmart has expanded to become a Supercenter, complete with groceries, and a Sam's Club next door. We even have a Babies R Us and Barnes and Noble. It's like I never left Jersey. The only thing missing here is access to Indian food, they have not one Indian food establishment here, surprising even though 60% of all the doctors in the city trace their roots to a South Asian country.

We're going up to Boston this weekend and have to prepare to attend a wedding when we come back so postings here are going to be a little scattered. My Russian cleaning lady is driving me crazy. She usually comes over to clean our house every other week on Wednesdays, but since I'm not there and the husband is in Europe, I need to tell her not to come, but when I call her she hangs up the phone saying, "Me no English." I'm trying to get her son on the phone, he's the one I usually talk to when we have to make schedule changes, but I can't get in touch with him. She's a legal immigrant living here for the past 10 years, you think she could learn English already???? Damn. Well she's just going to have to drive up to the house and go back home when no one answers the door. I'd love to fire her and replace her with someone who speaks English, but first, I don't know if she will understand her termination request, and second, I think she's connected with the Russian mafia. I don't want to get in the bad with the Russian mafia. My neighbor found her for me and she is trustworthy so I'm kind of stuck with her for now.

On a side note, I hate kids music. I also hate that I accidentally found a channel on SIRIUS satellite radio devoted entirely to kids music, called Kidstuff. Compared to the crap they play on that channel, Laurie Berkner sounds like Gwen Stefani.


Virenda said...

LOL sorry about the music and the Russian lady. You tried and that's all that matters.

My uncles (gay) LOVE Indian food and they live in Santa Rosa and there is literally TONS of Indian food restaurants both fast and swanky. I ate it there for the first time and it was REALLY yummy but where I live (suburbia) they only have a few and none of em are kid friendly. I'm also a big baby when it comes to trying new restaurants.

Hope you enjoy the wedding.

Morningdew11 said...

I love Laurie Berkner... well, at least I've gotten used to listening to her...I'd rather listen to her than Dora!! ::)

We live in a small place too, and although it has 4 desi restaurants, they ALL suck. I mean come on, these people should be embarassed to serve the crap they do...one actually uses the pre-made boxed stuff they sell in desi stores!! I like my own cooking much better. :)

Morningdew11 said...

By the way, what does the number of desi doctors in a community have to do with establishing desi restaurants? Do you feel there should be a high correlation because perhaps they have the time to start a restaurant business on the side?? Or perhaps their wives should?? :) Like we don't have enough to do with managing the rest of the house and kids wihile the DH works all hours of the day (and night). :)

Chic Mommy said...

Morningdew, actually the request for the Indian restraunt is coming from the drug reps who come here to push their drugs. Since majority of the doctors here are Indian/Pakistani, the drug reps would like to treat the doctors out to lunch, preferably at an Indian place. Ironically, it is the wives of the Indian doctors here who are trying to take advantage of this untapped business opportunity and start a restraunt, of course they are the empty nester wives. The young moms here definitely don't have the time for it but would love to take advantage of the ready made food if it opens.