Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reese's Hot Dress

photo: JustJared

I don't know how long the Blogger fairy will be working tonight so I'll do a picture post while I can.

I just have to say I absolutely LOVE this dress. It's so cute and flowy and I love the color and the stones on it. I know alot of people are speculating that Reese is wearing this because she may be pregnant but I think she's just wearing it because it's comfortable. I think it'll be great for covering up my not so fab abs too.

Velvet Marissa Semi Precious Dress, available at Shop Intuition for $178.


Um Naief said...

I love the dress too! It's so cute... I love the design at the top.

You know... there are a few rumors floating out there that she might be preggers. If you look closely, her tummy looks a little bit bigger. If so, I think it's wonderful.

But.. she does look adorable and the dress is great.

Unknown said...

Ditto on the dress, I love the high empire waist, and the black sash. Reese seems like a refreshingly normal mommy-type amidst all the celebs.