Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sick from my own cooking!

Well, the husband finally got back from Pakistan and we are all back home now. I spent the last couple days just unpacking and settling back into the house. My son had been asking me to make him meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner because he saw Caillou eat it on TV. I had a feeling he wouldn't like it (extremely picky eater), but I humoured him anyway and made it. I'm not really that good at making meatloaf, the only kind of food I can cook is Pakistani or Italian, or limited American food like roasted chicken with rosemary and thyme, but I tried it using a recipe from a cooking magazine. As expected, the kids didn't even touch the meatloaf, it looked too scary (I must have really f*kd it up) and they only ate the mashed potatoes. The husband didn't touch the meatloaf because an egg was used as an ingredient and he doesn't like food that uses eggs as an ingredient (yet he eats fried eggs, egg salad, pancakes, brownies, and pasta carbonara with no problem! You can see where the kids get their picky eating habits from.)

So I ended up eating a good portion of the meatloaf myself because I didn't want to waste the 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef I spent so much time preparing. Big mistake! I spent all of last night feeling sick. I tried to throw up but couldn't even though I was feeling naseous. My obsessive compulsive fear of vomiting and making a mess of myself probably was a big hinderance. This morning while the husband was getting ready for work, I tried throwing up again, but it wasn't happening. Husband tried to gross me out and couldn't understand why I had such a hard time throwing up, "just make yourself gag, models do it all the time," he said. Um yeah, I'm not a model, and I am so desensitized by my kids vomiting all the time that even the thought of puking is not making me throw up. So now I'm just drinking black tea (milk lessens the effects of the anti-oxidants, so I'm skipping that for now) and I'm eating Saltines until I feel better. I really feel for my kids now when they have the stomach flu. The last thing you want to do it eat food when you're feeling nauseated and all I usually do when the kids are sick is keep asking "do you want to eat something?". I won't do that again. I threw out the meatloaf this morning, it was too gross. It's safe to say this is the last time I will ever attemp to make meatloaf at home. I don't know why I bothered to make it in the first place when I could've just ordered the entire meal from Boston Market, but I was attempting to be a "good mom" who makes homemade food for her kids. Forget it. My kids entire menu of acceptable foods can be found in the freezer section of the grocery store: Stouffer's mac n' cheese, chicken nuggets, fries, pizza, tater tots. The only thing that I can cook at home and know they will eat is pasta (just butter and parmesan cheese please, NO SAUCE!) and Pakistani rice dishes like chicken pilau or mattar pilau. I try to give them variety by cooking different things for them sometimes, but I don't know why I even bother. All I hear is "I don't like this, can I have something else?" all the freaking time. Meanwhile, I get sick from my own cooking!


Virenda said...

Meatloaf always makes me sick, it's because of all that meat.

I can't cook very well myself so most of the time the kids eat things that are easy like tacos and spaghetti. Don't tell anyone but my kids live off of take-out or "freezer" section food, BUT it's Trader Joe's (kinda a health food) freezer section which is much better than normal freezer section, Or so I tel myself.

Hope you feel better!

Leilouta said...

Poor you:)
I tried to lose weight once and didn't eat for a few days then came the Aid El Kabir holiday where we kill a lamb and eat meat all day long. I felt the same as you did yesterday.
I hope you feel better:)

mommyof4 said...

AWW I hope you feel better. I can cook pretty good but my meatloaf never turns out right. I just buy the premade stuff from Stouffers. It's good and the kids like it. Have fun with hubby home:)

FBT said...

The most useful piece of child advice I ever read was: It is your job to provide the good food, and their job to eat it. We live by it. Whatever you put in front of them, and whatever is in the house for snacks, is (broadly) nutritious. Then let them eat it or not eat it as they like. I find that even if they only eat half a forkful of your lovingly prepared roast lamb with all the trimmings, by the next meal, they're hungry enough to eat an entire plate full of stirfried broccoli and garlic with no more input from you then yelling, "Dinner's ready!"

Chic Mommy said...

Thanks so much everyone for your kind words! I'm feeling a little better now, just ate crackers and some soup all day. The condition of the house went to hell because I didn't pick up after the kids, but so what. I wish I could have thrown it up last night but me and my stupid phobia, it cripples me. I've even held it back during my pregnancies, only puked once while I was pregnant with the twins and couldn't hold it back any longer. I seriously need some therapy to get over my fear of vomiting.