Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Hunt for Power Ranger S.P.D. Toys

My son is a big Power Rangers S.P.D. fan. I used to watch this show a long time ago when I was little and it was called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Back then the girls (and some of the boys) watched it mainly to see the one and only female Power Ranger, the Pink Ranger. She was one of the pioneers of the whole "girl power" thing we had going in the 90's. I can't remember her name but she later ended up starring on Felicity and then disappearing from Hollywood altogether. Maybe she's a stay at home mom now with a blog somewhere.

Anyway, I started watching the show again on Toon Disney with my son, the new S.P.D. generation (I must be the only person over the age of 8 who watches this show!) But my son and I are really miffed these days that the S.P.D. series has now ended and has been replaced by a new generation called Power Rangers Mystic Force. We both gave this show an honest shot, but it clearly is not the same as the S.P.D. series. The special effects, the cast, everything was so much better in S.P.D. To put salt on our wounds, Bandai, the company that makes all the Power Rangers toys, has stopped making any more S.P.D. toys and is focusing entirely on the new line of Mystic Force toys. Some people on Ebay are aware of this and charging up to $30 plus shipping for a simple morpher that usually cost $7 in the store. It's like the Cabbage Patch Kids craze from the 80's.

After a relentless search on the internet for an S.P.D. morpher and finding nothing, we are trying to convice our son that the morpher from the highly available Mystic Force line is not so bad (even though it's really cheap). So far he's not convinced. He's still holding out hope and everytime he sees me log on the internet he asks again "Can you check and see if they have S.P.D. morphers for sale?" Every time he asks, so politely I might add, I get more determined to find a damn morpher no matter what the cost. But the husband, who didn't watch the show and has an unbiased view towards all things S.P.D. stops me (somebody's got to stop the insanity!). Oh the problems our kids face!


ITADDICT said...

I hear ya - I am looking for the communicator toy, you know the one with the red button, the one that you push and it opens up, you know, that one.

Chic Mommy said...

that's the morpher isn't it? are the communicator and morpher different?

Lisa said...


You know, just for craps and giggles, check stores like Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc...the cheap stores. That's where I found this Littlest Pet Shop ferret that my oldest begged me for. On eBay they were selling for $20-25. My husband walks into Family Dollar, and lo and behold is the ferret..for TWO bucks. I bought an extra, sold it on eBay which led me to the eBay nightmare I posted about on Friday. That might be where these people are finding them and then selling them for big $$ on eBay!

Chic Mommy said...

thanks for the tip Lisa! I didn't try dollar stores yet. I do know that if you walk into any Toys r Us store etc.. all S.P.D. toys are on major clearance. They are just trying to get rid of them. What's in hot demand is the morpher which can't be found anywhere!

dtlte1 said...

I just noticed your post. Have you found the SPD morpher yet? It is a communicator, morpher, and what is used for judgment mode. I agree the idiots on Ebay as well as some online merchants are jacking up the price for the "collectors". Those people need to get a life. This is a childs toy. With that said, if you google Power Rangers SPD morpher, you will find a lot of listings in the UK that stock what you are looking for. They run roughly 8-9 UK sterling. Right now that translates to $14.99 US which is about right. One sight I found was http://www.heroesforkids.co.uk/.

It is a store started by parents who were fed up by things such as not being able to get toys only available in the U.S. and abroad.

Good luck and let me know if you find one in the US at a "normal" retail.