Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Isabella Fiore: Because I deserve it

Every year on my birthday, my husband claims he never knows what to get me. In the past, he has bought me chocolates or sent me to a spa for the day, because that's what he thinks I like. Those things are all good, but I would prefer a gift that is more tangible. A gift that won't disappear after I eat it or after the nail polish from the mani pedi at the spa has chipped away. This year, I want a designer handbag. This stud muffin from Isabella Fiore will do just fine. Whites and creams are in for spring, and this handbag is just the ultimate accessory to complement any outfit.


Leilouta said...

I like to pick my own presents,
I chose my engagement and wedding ring:)
How romantic is that!

Virenda said...

I LOVE LOVE this purse. I heart Isabella.

That purse makes my heart hurt and my mouth salivate. ~sigh~