Friday, March 17, 2006

Sari Double Take

When I first saw this picture of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai, who is known as the most beautiful woman in the world, I just fell in love with her sari. Beautiful color, beautiful pattern, and I love the halter style blouse. But, upon closer inspection, I started wondering whether she was wearing a sari at all. Is she wearing a halter top dress with a sari over it, or a pink halter and white jeans with a sari? Either way, I think it's a cool look. There's a lot of cool styles out in India these days when it comes to saris, alot of east meets west going on. All the mod girls are wearing tank tops, camisoles, halter tops, and even bandeau tops underneath saris. I personally really admire Aish's sense of style. Whether she's wearing Indian clothes or Western clothes, she never wears anything fugly and always looks sleek and chic.

There's someone else walking the Indian fashion circuit these days as well. Someone across the pond who's about to marry the biggest pimp daddy in India. It's Liz Hurley, the future Mrs. Arun Nayyar, wearing a beautiful Indian sari reportedly worth $5,000. As much as I don't like Liz, I've gotta admit, she looks gorgeous in this dress.

"Salaam Namaste, bitches!"

(click to enlarge for more detail view)


Virenda said...

Can't stand that Biotch but she looks good. Whatever.

I HAVE ALWAYS wanted to wear a Sari but I feel like I would look stupid and where the hell would I wear it too and you know me a white girl would get TONS of WTH looks. ~sigh~

Aishwarya looks beautiful and lovely and I'm jealous. I shouldn't have eaten those nuggets.

Chic Mommy said...

Vi, I have yet to wear a sari, and I actually have Indian parties I could wear them to, but I'm too self conscious about not having the perfect abs for it. Most saris show midriff, and I'm not too cool with that right now. :(

keda said...

lady no.1 looks gorgeous,

i'm gonna hurl'ey is mutton dressed as caviar.

can't bear the awful old trollop. she's only marrying him so she gets to wear nice silks and cover her knees (damn i'd do it too!).

i'd love to wear a sari too but never have for the same reason as virenda... so i buy them and hang em over my windows instead and people always comment how nice they are instead of saying WTF*

Unknown said...

Hmm..I'm going to get flamed for this, but she looks like an awkward white chick wearing a sari (no offense to those who like to experiment with the styles - I lend out my clothes to my non-desi friends all the time for occasions) and trying to pull it off. But despite having a gorgeous body for it, I think she looks downright uncomfortable. And there's something wrong about the way she's done the draping over the shoulder. I'm not sari wearing expert, but I don't think she's wearing this well. Maybe it's the sari itself. Not sure why it's as expensive as it is. She's a model for crying out loud, she should look awesome in everything she's photographed in.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

wow.. is it me or does ahwariya rai looks like she has put on some wieght?

as for liz hurley, are you serious i didnt know she was about to wear an indian.. woohoo.. way to go!! the sari is awesome!! She looks awesome in it too!

Unknown said...

opinionated - I was thinking the same thing. She has the faintest suggestion of a double chin going on there. Maybe it's the angle of the photo, or the way she's tilting her head.

Chic Mommy said...

Opnionated and Sadaf, I agree, Aish looks like she is plumping up. She usually looks so skinny in the movies.