Friday, August 04, 2006

Scenes from the 'Corporate' Bash

Here are a few pics from a bash that was held for Bipasha's new film Corporate.
(btw, I'm loving this new site, it's like Bollywood's version of E!Online.)

"Seriously yaar, I was supposed to shower and dress up for this party?"

What's happened to John Abraham over the years? Not only does he look manorexic, he is in despereate need of a shower, shave, and a haircut. And a nice suit. Why on earth is he wearing t-shirt and jeans to a fancy event? Is that why he's throttling himself in this photo?

Ah, my (ahem) favorite actress and John's girlfriend, Bipasha Basu at the podium. The placement of that microphone is a little....well, I won't go there. My sister thinks I'm getting a little too catty here lately, so I'll spare her. But Bipasha's new hair is looking really nice and the necklace is rockin'. And for anyone interested, you can get that lipstick look by wearing MAC Taupe with a sparkly pearl lipgloss like MAC Oyster Girl.

Oh, and who do we have here? Blast from the past, Poonam was there too. And OMG, she's wearing the fugliest sari I've ever seen. Poonam jee, do you not have Manish Malhotra's phone number? Please call him. He'll make sure you never look like Rainbow Brite's throw-up again.


Bee Amma said...

that is a fugly sari if i ever see'd one!!! hey is john abrahams the dude that was in the video for gurr nal ishq mithaa YEAAAAAARS back??

... said...

ok, i still think john abraham is hot. that may be because he looks like sabir somewhat, or sabir looks like him. :)

Unknown said...

ohmigod, and her ROOTS!! Girl, get thee to a salon now and fix that two-tone hair of yours. Unless you're trying to do the patchwork 'do to match that sari of yours. Oy vey.


sherni said...

Can i just tell you that i love you? You're like my desi "oh no they didn't" mixed with my desi "go fug yourself" fix!

Ameet said...

Love your caption on John's pic. And Poonam-ji needs a lesson in color.

Amani said...

hehe "manorexic" hehe

August Sunshine said...

Was John Abraham in Mehta's Water?

... said...

august...yup, he was.

August Sunshine said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! :-)

I have to make a blogroll of my own. It's just that the husband says he's done working on my website for the year. I can understand it considering the long stretches of time he ends up spending on my blog just to fix one little problem.

I often wonder if I should switch to blogspot, but I like the format of my blog and also, I feel like it'd be an insensitive thing to do considering how much time husband spent designing my blog from scratch.

I just wish I could upload pictures more easily. Once I know how to do that, I'm sure I'll feel no need to take my blog to another site.

Chic Mommy said...

sherni, thanks, I love you too!

sorry guys, I haven't really watched anything of John's after Jism, so I can't help you on his other appearances.

august, your welcome. I personally like blogspot, even though it crashes on me sometimes, because it's easy to upload pictures (when it's working) and it's free. I like free stuff.