Thursday, August 03, 2006

Barbara Walters Give Elizabitch a SmackDown

Stupid little Elizabitch decided to open her mouth and go bonkers about the morning after pill on The View yesterday.

Watch the clip HERE.

Things got so intense, Barabara had to give her a lesson about how she needed to control her emotions and let other people have a chance to say something about the topic. Barbara showed great restraint, and articulately made her point without saying what everyone else was thinking, "Shut up, bitch."

After the commercial break, they kissed and made up on the couch, (lest we think this show was finally going to give us the bitch fight we've all been waiting for) while Joy Behar and guest co-host Lisa Loeb rolled their eyes at each other and muttered "OMFGawd!" under their breath.

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Amani said...

Yea...I witnessed the blow out, too. She got so hyper...she needs to chill out.