Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brad Pitt at Las Vegas Airpot

Here are some pics of Brad Pitt at Las Vegas Airpot a while ago. I don't know what I find more fascinating, the fact that he flies commercial, or that he looks absolutely gorgeous in white pants!

(Click to Enlarge, you know you want to!)



Cindi said...

Yeah, he's hot but he lost something for me when he threw over Jen Aniston for Angelina.....don't know it just seemed kinda hinky. But he's still hot!

Ameet said...

Brad looks gorgeous - white pants or black - brown hair or blond. Bottomline - he's just plain gorgeous. Drooooool!!

There's some serious camera equipment there - maybe they're just shooting a movie. I can't see Brad flying commercial. Private flights are just slightly more than first class tickets - and you avoid the paparazzi. Why would one of the richest hollywood stars fly commercial?

Chic Mommy said...

I'm wondering the same thing. I hear that he's shooting Ocean's 13 in Vegas these days, maybe these pics are from the film shoot, at the airport? He is dressed pretty dapper to be travelling alone. You're right, this has to be a movie scene.

Ameet said...

Ooh - Ocean's 13!! I am yet to see Oceans 12, but loved Ocean's 11.

keda said...

damn why dont i ever see anyone that pretty at the airport!??

oh yes thats right i've always got 2 kids and way too much luggage to get my eyes off the floor! dammit.

... said...

yea that definetly looks like a movie scene. there's no way the ppl around him would be going on with their merry business if brad pitt was in their midst.