Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Where do I stab myself in the ears?

This is the title of the song my brother was just listening to on his iTunes before he got up to let me use the computer (the kids are asleep, yeah!). A song from the Underworld Evolution soundtrack, "Where do I stab myself in the ears (the Digital Doom remix)" is an odd song about a person's discontent with life. I don't know why my brother is into this stuff, although I too had a morbid period in my adolescence, I don't remember listening to this kind of stuff. The closest I got was "I'm Only Happy when it Rains" by Garbage. Then again, there was no iTunes or access to any mp3 in the world when I was a teenager.


Virenda said...

LOVE "I'm only happy when it rains.." however stabbing ones self in the ear is retarded, sounds stupid lol.

Lena said...

I'm only happy when its complicated. And though I know you won't appreciate it. I'm only happy when it rains. Throoooow some misery down on me.

Hmm, we were pretty angsty, yes?