Monday, February 06, 2006

Mama Bigfoot

I was looking at my closet the other day and realized that I have very few shoes that fit me. I used to be a 7 1/2 and now I'm a 8 or 8 1/2, depending on the style or make. Each time I got pregnant, my shoe size grew a half inch. Although I don't need another reason to tell myself to stop having kids (three already exhaust me, four would kill me), I think preventing myself from growing another shoe size should be a good enough deterrent. Not that I don't mind going shoe shopping after each delivery, it's just that the more kids you have, the less time you have to do things like shoe shopping. Last time I went to Aerosoles, the twins cried the entire time and my son threw a tantrum because he wanted to go to the Disney store. I got the shoes, but had to endure their whining the whole time.

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Virenda said...

yeah shopping is NO longer fun. You have to force your hubby to watch them for an hour and rush out and get a coffee and shop for shoes/clothes.

My kids always cry at the store or run around and get in peoples way. ;0(

Um if you have a store/mall that closes at 9 on weekdays, make sure the kids are REALLY tired and then put em to bed at 7:30 and leave at 8, it should give you at least 45 minutes.

(Take them to the park, or just throw them around and hang em upside down in the closet)