Thursday, February 09, 2006

Irresistible Manolo Blahniks

If there is one sandal I would like for spring it would be these. I know I won't get them, they cost more than the drapes in my living room and dining room combined, but they are too cool. Thanks to Lena's tech savvy, I finally am able to have borders around my photos now. Thanks girl, I would gift these to you if I could!


Virenda said...

LOVE these shoes... ~sigh~

I have two problems though

1. TOO expensive

2. I can't have anything wrap around my ankles, otherwise i look short and stout.

Yes I'm 5'5 (almost) but I have muscular legs (spin) so I have to be choosey.

Life sucks, everyone should get shoes like these at least once.

Here's to hoping

Anonymous said...

Just surfing the net tonight and came across your blog. :) We've had the stomach flu as well so I totally understand. I am on the waitlist for the 24 hour version next time, because the extended mix SUCKS.

Leilouta said...

I can find better shoes that these for much less.
Let's shop together:)

Lena said...

I would take them if I could. Wait a minute, I can!

I'll be checking the mail daily.;)

And personally I love shoes that wrap my ankle because I have popsicle stick legs. Which are about as attractive as they sound.

Lena said...

Oh and Leilouta. Bring on the links!!

Chic Mommy said...

virenda, you can totally wear these sandals. Just make sure you wear straight leg or wide leg pants that have hems that reach your heel (no crop pants and nothing tapered!). these sandals look great peeking out from underneath pants or jeans, you don't need to show ankle if you don't want to.

Leilouta, you've given me a good idea about how to rework my blog. Most of the crap I post here I can't afford but I'm also pretty good at finding some good "designer inspired" looks at Macy's and the like. Send me links to your cool finds too!