Thursday, February 09, 2006

When Toddlers Attack

Did I say my little brother hogs the computer? I was so wrong, it's the pesky little kids! First of all they refuse to take their normal afternoon nap since I came up here so I don't get a single break in the entire day. ( I don't know how Angelina does it jetsetting all over the world, how does she keep her kids on a schedule?) Back home I could drop the twins in their cribs and my son in his bed and just get a break for 2 hours. I relish this break to do laundry, cooking, and my new favorite hobby, blogging. But here, they stay up till midnight and take no naps, and when I do get moment to sit on the computer they are climbing all over me onto the computer desk and making a giant mess of all my brother's stuff. Yesterday at 9:30 pm, I tried to get them to sleep, but it was useless, so I thought "maybe I'll try to update my blog". The kids followed me into the computer room. Once I got on the computer, my son starts shouting "I want to go to and play Paint with Caillou!" and the girls chimed in "Ka-ya, Ka-ya!". Frustrated, I was like "Fine, play it!" and left them alone with my three year old in command of the mouse and the twins as his cheerleading spectators. I went to my parents room to read the array of new fashion news (like The Notebook) my mom had just received from Neiman Marcus. I don't spend enough money at this store to be included on this elite mailing list, but that's okay with me. That's what parents are for, mooching. Anyway, I'm deeply involved educating myself about all the latest trends for spring like big bags, studded shoes, and ruffled shirts when I hear screaming from the computer room and my son is yelling "Bad girl, bad girl!". I run over to find my youngest twin (H) passed out on the floor (which I expected because she didn't nap all damn day!) and the older twin (Z) writing all over the computer monitor with a pencil! That did it for me. I yelled at the kids, told them they can't manage a computer and shut the thing off while my poor son was yelling "but I didn't do anything, it was Z!" I said "I know I'm not really yelling at you, I'm yelling at Z, she's a bad girl". This made my son feel better. I erased the pencil from the monitor and cleaned it with Windex. Then I marched them back to our room and just laid down with them so they would be forced to go to sleep.

So this is what it's going to be like until I go back to New Jersey. Before anyone asks, "Can't your parents watch them for you while you update for 20 minutes?" the answer is "No." Only my Dad helps me with the kids, my Mom just does the laundry and cooking and other household stuff, but feels she's done doing diapers and childcare so doesn't help me out with the childcare much. Right now my Dad took them downstairs to play with my old toys and some new ones we got for them in the family room while I take a break and zone out on the net. I'm going to try to post whenever I can because there is so much I want to talk about regarding the trends for spring and all the bags I'm lusting after. By the way, I figured out how Angelina keeps her kids on track while travelling all over the place, it's called nannies.


Virenda said...

Oh sweetie I'm sorry. I know what it's like, when i go to my g-ma's it's like that. She won't even put stuff up so the kids can't get to it, nope I just have to watch them hawk-eyed the whole visit.

It is exhausting, just stay strong and know we wait for you. :0)

Chic Mommy said...

thanks virenda. glad to know I'm not alone.