Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back in the U.S.A. and..... OMG! Suri Exists!

Hey everyone, I'm back from vacation. We spent the last week in Canada touring the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. It was as fun as it could be with three children in tow. I often feel vacationing with little kids is like having a picnic in the rain. It's a bittersweet retreat where you don't really get to have as much fun as you wanted, but you try to make the most of it the best you can. It was one of those vacations where, by the time I got home, I felt like I needed another vacation to recover from the vacation. Oh well, at least we got to get away and I didn't have to cook for a couple of days. But next time, I'm going to take an umbrella style stroller for the twins. We have the Graco Duo Glider right now, and it nearly killed us to fold that thing up, along with my son's Pliko umbrella stroller, and carry our diaper bag, purse, and children onto the People Mover bus that took us from sight to sight. One of my friends who also has twin girls recently got a side by side umbrella style stroller for her twins, I think I might check it out at the store this week for myself. Even though the side by side strollers are a bitch to pass through most doorways, it might be handy for travelling because they fold up easily.

I have to say, however, I absolutely ADORE the Canadian accent. I love the way they talk. I think if I spent a couple more days up there, I would've started talking like a Canadian permanently. I've already adopted the "eh" into my daily vocabulary. I love saying "eh?" after my sentences, it makes me feel cool. I have a friend who is a Canadian ex-pat living in Jersey who says "eh" after everything and she's got me saying it now too! I also like how they pronounce words that end with the letters "0-u-t" like "owt".

I started talking like a Canadian while I was up there, but once we hit the border to re-enter the U.S. at Buffalo, N.Y., my American accent returned quickly. I didn't want the customs agent to have any doubts about my citizenship, so it was back to "yeah, we live in Jersey" kind of talk. But it was funny to hear the customs agent reply with a, "Oh, so you're from Jersey, eh?". Canada seems to have rubbed off on everyone living up there.

Also during the trip, our kids discovered that they too can enjoy a special drink at Starbucks with mom and dad. All three of them are now official fans of the Mocha Frappucino (they were wired for a few hours before bedtime after having this drink, they shared a Venti size). My two year old daughter H. says it tastes exactly like Jello chocolate pudding, or as she likes to call it, "Gluck Gluck Pudding". I love how two year-olds mispronounce words. Z used to call my glasses "gal-la-lees" until I told my sister about it in front of her. I told my sister, "You have to hear how Z. says "glasses", it's so cute, she says "ga-la-lees". When I asked Z. to say the word "glasses" for her aunt, Z. took a hard look at my sister, took a deep breath, and said, "glasses". The proper way. She corrected it right then and there. I thought ga-la-lees was so cute and tried to get her to say it again, but Z. got wise and continued to say glasses. She's really into being a grown-up and doing things properly, I've got to find a way to slow her down and continue being cute.

Well, it's late and I've got a mountain of laundry to do tomorrow, but I did see the Suri pictures while I was up in Canada. OMG! It was so weird. Although the baby is cute, Tom continues to look creepy. What was with that photo of him hiding Suri in his jacket? It only continues to fuel the theory that he is a controlling weirdo.

And of course, now that the world has finally seen a glimpse of Suri and seen proof of her existence, new conspiracy theories are floating around about Suri's origin. Many people believe Chris Klein may be the father, or that the baby is a Chinese adoption. Some are wondering if that is really Suri's hair or if she is wearing an Elvis wig.

Gallery of the Absurd took all the conspiracy theories surrounding the Asian eyes, Elvis hair, Tom's real sexual orientation, and the alien mothership to create this rendering of the what the first portrait should have looked like:

There's alot of symbolism in this picture with the pink triangle beam and the obvious Asian look, but see if you can figure out what the 8's on Tom's shirt and the sharp claws on his fingernails signify. I'm most curious about what the smoke coming out of the volcano symbolizes. I'm guessing the smoke symbolizes the lies TomKate has been telling the press about their crazy shenanigans.


celebitchy said...

The volcano in the back signifies Scientology's belief that Lord Xenu killed a large percentage of the populace by throwing them into a volcano, thus releasing their souls, called "thetans" into the universe. All of our psychological problems are because these thetans have invaded our individual and collective consciousness(es) and only a thorough Scientology auditing can remove them.

Welcome back! That is cute that your daughter said gal-la-lees and corrected it right away like that.

Chic Mommy said...

wow celebitchy, you are smart! I thought it had to do with something about smoke and mirrors. I wonder if Tom removed the Thetans from Katie's (oops Kate's) consciousness, she still looks very mentally disturbed.

keda said...

loving the gallery of the absurd picture!
though poor baby suri. she looks happy for now at least.

as for the side by side stoller.. i don't know how you've lived without one so long!

darling this in step stroller was the best thing i ever bought.

it lasted me from the first day they were born until now.. we havent used it since last christmas, but it's still downstairs in full working order.
and its taken some beatings..everyday up and down a very steep hill and for a 4 km walk along the river. across the beach everday whilst holidaying.
in and out of the shops.

its so much easier to manage than the small wheeled ones as they veer all over the place and with the small handles like on the ones you showed you can only control it with two hands..
as you have another little walking boy you will need a stroller with one long handle so that you can keep a hand free for him.
its also a lot easier to get up and down curbs. honestly even if ypou dont like the look of teh 3 wheelers they are just so much more practical.they dont fold up quite as small as the maclarean ones but after havuing used them before myself too at friends houses i have to say there is just NO competition.
bottom line you'll need a hand free and that will never work with seperate handles.

good shopping baby.

Bee Amma said...

all the conspiracies are so mean!!! I reckon she looks alot like katie holmes! anyway thanks for posting this, now i have to run across to the petrol station and buy a magazine, im supposed to be studying not sitting in an internet cafe pouring over tomkat pics!!!!!!!!

Morningdew11 said...

I miss my Canada. I started working soon after our move to the US, and I couldn't believe how different I sounded to people. i didnt think I spoke any different other than the occasional "eh" to form a question. My collegues would all smile when I'd say "bag", "about", or even ...mischieeevious.... :) Mischievious is obviously pronounced different, but none of the other words did, to me at least. I kept saying "out" and "about" to myself and it still to this day doesn't sound like I say ABOOT!!! :)

So you liked the #1 desi vacation spot, eh? ") we only visited Niagara when visitors came by... Every year it seemed more and more brown.

Ameet said...

Go Canada!! So you came all the way up here and didn't visit "Tronna"? Yeah - not exactly a family vacation place, but quite safe & kid-friendly as big cities go.

Anonymous said...

You know when I first saw the pictures I immedietly thought she looked Asian. It is nice to know that not crazy and other people noticed too.

rabiaiman said...

hey gal! we had a good time the other nite! its a bit late on sunday nite so didnt want to both ya with a call. forgot ur email :P so here are some gift links to pak

let me know if u like any!

Chic Mommy said...

thanks keda, I saw that stroller at the store and thought it might be heavy, but you're right, the other side by side strollers need two hands to maneuver. Ideally, I need a triple fold up stroller, because my son refuses to walk if he sees his sisters taking a free ride. Thus far, my husband and I have managed by having one child sit in the Peg Perego Pliko and two sitting in the Graco. I also have a Runabout Triple Stroller, but I realized too late that it doesn't fold and cannot fit in a car to be taken to the mall. I should probably sell it to buy the double jog stroller.

bee amma, I know the feeling. The internet is a wormhole that just sucks you in. good luck studying!

morningdew, so you're Canadian, eh? Don't try to change your accent ever, I find it absolutely adorable! It's part of who you are, I could listen to Canadians talk all day. Well, everyone except the Doodlebops. They drive me nuts. I actually didn't want to go to Niagara Falls, but my husband had not seen the Canadian side and dragged us all there. I grew up about two hours from Buffalo, so we also used to go to the Falls every time someone out of town came to visit. However, I'm really glad I went this time. So much has changed, it's turned into a combination of Las Vegas and Disney World all rolled into one. It's a really nice family friendly destination and I never would have known that the Maid of the Mist was stroller friendly. You can drive the stroller straight on to the boat without folding it up, that's a plus!

Ameet, we never left Ontario, but trust me, I wanted to go to Toronto. The shopping there is great! Maybe next time.

Ummi baby, I'm totally with you on the Asian conspiracy theory, that was my first reaction too. I should probably give Tom the benefit of the doubt though, it may be that his ancestors are from Mongolia. maybe (not!)

Rabia, thanks! I will try the links.

Leilouta said...

I am so jealous of you and keda. I would love to have twins.

Can't wait to see what’s inside your purse :P

keda said...

the instep is actually as light as most conventional ones as it alluminium. give it a go.. take your time puchung them around a store first. :) and maybe you can get the boy a little scooter to run along side with :)
poor baby. i feel for him.

Aisha said...

Glad to hear you had a good time :)

Picnic in the rain... what a great analogy.

I think Suri's eyes look like they could be her mom's as a child... Kate has unusual eyes as well.

I feel bad for this girl. Because they delayed her debut for a few months the world will try to pik her apart forever! Baychari... she's just a baby. Her parents on the other hand look positively creepy in the picture of her in the jacket. I don tmind Tom holding her in the jacket b/c I'm sure he was told to pose lie that but... Kate's expression.. I dont know. creepy to me.

Cindi said...

Hey! We were in Canadian Niagra last year over Labor Day and loved it too! Know what ya mean about the strollers and the bus, we had an umbrella stroller and it was still a pain lugging it and ourselves around. Looooved how nice and clean this side of the falls was! Hmmm, and it seems we were in your neck of the woods this weekend (NJ)--such a small world!

On to TomKat, they are quite the strange couple! Little Suri is really cute but her parents are the painting.

Hey morningdew---I'm from Minnesota (or Minnesoota) and get the same crap from people about the same words, lol. I still don't think I have that much of an accent, heh, heh. Keep on talking, it's all these other people with the accents, right?

Unique Baby Gear Ideas said...

I think Suri is SO pretty! Can't wait to see what brands of baby gear they come up with!

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