Tuesday, September 12, 2006

L.Lo Gets Her Bag Back

"I got it back, bitches."

Mohawk dude says, "Thank me."

So after all the hoopla of losing a $12,000 bag full of 1 million dollars in jewelry (and asthma medication, the rest of the drugs were not declared), Lindsay Lohan finally got her Orange Hermes Birkin back. Gosh, I can't believe someone would walk around with that much money on them. That bag is so delish, if it were mine, I'd never throw it onto a luggage cart at the airport, I'd keep it on my arm at all times.

Also, it seems even after getting her bag back, L. Lo's still being careless. The side closure on her bag is undone. Should that Lemon-Lime Clown with the cherry mohawk accidentally trip her with his cowboy boots, all her "stuff" is going to fall to the floor.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That's a Birken? I didn't realize they were so big. There's something seriosly wrong with someone so young carrying around a bag like that.