Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jessica's E-mail to Creepy Pa Joe

Dear Creepy Pa Joe,

Please stop hiding in the bushes and taking pictures of me and Ashlee sunbathing. My friends are starting to say you're "weird" and you're creeping us out. I'm sorry you didn't get that pimp job you applied for, I thought you were like, so perfect for it. I love you. Okay, I have to go now and check my lipstick in the reflection of my Blackberry screen, did you know that I can do that? Yeah, people think I'm so dumb, but I figured out that if you look at your Blackberry screen from just the right angle, it can double as a makeup mirror. Wait a minute, is that you taking a picture of me typing this e-mail right now? I can see you in my Blackberry! Just stop it now, okay?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!!