Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Posh Gets Massively Stressed as a Mom

Posh has recently talked about how "massivley stressed" out she gets juggling a career as a fashion icon and a mommy to her three kids. She often feels she has no time to herself. She says the key to helping her keep it all together is multi-tasking.

She said: “Being a mother’s taught me not to waste time faffing about in the
closet every morning. You learn how to get things done quicker, and often you do
them just as well.”

Posh, whose sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are aged
seven, four and one, added: “Nowadays, I multitask, planning outfits while I’m
doing something else — getting ready for bed or taking a bath.

though I love getting dressed up, there’s always the risk of baby sick down my
front. That’s why I live in jeans and T-shirts.”

I think the fact that she even gets to relax and take a bath, and daydream about all the outfits she's going to wear disqualifies her from complaining about being stressed out as a mom. Maybe it's just me, but I find it hard to believe that someone who has access to nannies and whose "work out of the home" job involves dressing up in haute couture and looking pretty could feel so stressed. Ask someone who is spending all day with kids what stress is. I don't call dreaming about what outfit you are going to wear next while relaxing in a nice hot bubble bath multi-tasking. Nope. Multi-tasking is trying to cook dinner while preventing your kids from climbing onto the stove and trying to take a peek at what's cooking, or making a giant mess in the family room so you have more than just the kitchen to clean when you are done. Multi-tasking is breastfeeding twins at the same time while putting your son down for a nap. And finally, multi-tasking is trying to post a blog entry while one kid is pulling your hair and sitting on top of your shoulders, and simultaneously yelling at your other two kids, who are screaming and fighting with each other over who gets to crank call people on your cell phone. I'd be more than happy to trade places with Posh for a day, even if it's just to take that bath. Alone and in silence.

I also find it hard to believe Posh lives in jeans and t-shirts. She has said this before in several articles as well, but everytime she's out, she's dressed like a society woman with some really expensive handbag dripping from her arm. (That bag, by the way, is the Marc Jacobs Leopard Chain Link Satchel, available by special order only.) Perhaps she does so at home, after she gets out of her bath and takes all the time she needs to get ready while a nanny watches her kids.

photo source: Just Jared


keda said...

what? bath? huhnnnngh?

Unknown said...

I love this.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Ha Ha! U are so right and btw after reading that post I have decided to even put my own life into perspective...maybe i should stop complaining. The chaos in my life pales in comparison to your's. I don't know you personally but from what I can tell, u are doing a great job and yeah Posh should just shut up!

celebitchy said...

She considers thinking while doing any other activity multi-tasking. It must really tax her to think.

Maybe she does actually spend time with her kids though if she says she's stressed out. That's more than you can say for a lot of celebrities. You're right though, that she has no idea what stress is.

I don't really like that purse at all. It may be hard to come by, but it's rather ungainly IMO.

rabiaiman said...

oh this is too much!!! multitasking is finding an outfit to wear??? please!!!! multitasking is getting ready for a party that everyone gets decked out for (but no one really wants to) ironing the outfit which is a 3 piece cultural outfit while one kid is trying to pull down the plug and iron on himself and the other is saying "look at this mom" "mom can u please look my way" so u attempt to look his way while still ironing without looking and ironing on one foot now because the other is pushing the baby back so he doenst get burned!!! how does ur "getting ready" for these desi parties go? whenever i get there, i feel already wilted!

Chic Mommy said...

The kids can be a challenge at times, but really, I've just stopped trying to be a perfectionist. That's not to say the perfectionist thoughts don't come to me, or that I never feel like a failure of a mom when I compare myself to others. It's just that, I've learned that I can't do it all, so I should just stop trying. If we don't go play outside in the park for two-three days in a row, big deal. Even though I feel like a bad mom that I didn't take them outside, I figure, at least we didn't starve to death and I managed to feed them and give them a bath. My dad's a psychiatrist and has taught me well how to cope with stress, can you tell I'm not only his daughter but also one of his patients?

Seriously though, the hell with super mom, forget baking cookies and making sandwiches in funny shapes, I focus on survival. (Although I do occasionally bake those ready-to-bake Nestle Tollhouse cookies, they make it easy to fake being a good baker.. And Betty Crocker brownie mix, super easy.).

celebitchy is giving me a funny visual of Posh trying to think. It really must tax her brain!

Rabia, those dinner parties you are talking about suck ass. The only reason I show up is for the free food and so my kids can go destroy someone else's house for a change.

Anonymous said...

No kidding. I am lucky if I get a shower by 5 pm, and I put on the first outfit I can find. Even if it's a pair of paint stained ratty ugly too-big sweatpants and an almost matching shirt.

LOL @ her considering thinking while doing something is multitasking. So true!

Anonymous said...

No kidding. I am lucky if I get a shower by 5 pm, and I put on the first outfit I can find. Even if it's a pair of paint stained ratty ugly too-big sweatpants and an almost matching shirt.

LOL @ her considering thinking while doing something is multitasking. So true!