Monday, October 09, 2006

Paris Hilton and Her Bag Full O' Pot

This inside of Paris Hilton's Balenciaga purse was recently photographed by hungry photogs when she opened it to re-apply her tacky nail polish. Inside, a bag full of pot was seen, or is it really pot? To me, it looks an awful lot like betel nuts, (or chalia, or supari, as it's known in Asian countries), but Paris has never struck me as the type to chew betel nuts. Check out my post on Celebitchy and decide for yourself.


rabiaiman said...

oh my it does look a lot like betel nut. but that has its own little "high" about it doesnt it? or at least that is what reports claim. a "heightened sense of well being" i honestly cant stand the stuff and believe its completely addictive----cant keep dhs hands off of it. does ur dh do this too?

Ameet said...

That looks like pure, top quality bud - enough for about 10 joints. Only the best for our gurrrl!!

Viv said...

I loved your post about this; it certainly did generate a lot of speculation and hoopla huh?