Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Suhali Locket MM Bag

Move over YSL Muse, this Suhali Locket MM bag by Louis Vuitton has just moved to the top of my Lust List for fall. It's made of goat leather from the "highest quality goat skins" (I wonder who validates the quality of goat skins, sounds like a rough job) and comes with the signature LV zip top closure and padlock (in case anyone tried to break into my purse without knowing.)

Actually, I'm finally realizing the need for padlocks on purses these days. The genius designers at Louis Vuitton saw the need before I did. My Speedy came with a padlock and I had no clue why it was there. But now that my twins have been getting into my purse and have been throwing the coins from my wallet down the air conditioning ducts, throwing credit cards and all the contents of my purse around the room, not to mention trying on and destroying the lipsticks I keep in my purse, this padlock idea is becoming very appealing. Now if I could just manage to find a good hiding place for the key to the padlock (without forgetting it myself), I think I will finally have a solution to my daily purse raid problem.

Although this luscious white bag and padlock will probably never make it into my home due to the hefty price tag, it is available at eLuxury for $2,470.


pixie said...

I'm in love!! That bag is gorgeous!!!!

Cindi said...

Love the bag! You could keep the key on a nice little chain around your neck.....and keep the kiddies out of your bag. Not a bad idea, may have to do that myself, lol.

Maliha said...

why the key could go in your bra of course!

when i was growing up mama's put keys, money, etc in their bra.

those concerned with health; would roll it up in a handkerchief and stick it right in their cleavage.

The funniest story dh told me was when he asked his grandma for money and she had flour all over her hands. She bent down and said "here take it out".
GROSS! She then berated him for refusing to stick his hand and search for the keys in her bossom. hahaha..

Karmyn R said...

It looks so soft - nothing better than a soft leather bag! I want to touch it.

... said...

ooh that is one beautiful bag.

Unknown said...

wow, even I like this bag, and I'm totally not a bag person. Any stores you know carrying design-knock off styles for the budget shoppers?

Chic Mommy said...

Sadaf, check out Banana Republic. I saw a white bag like this about a month ago there. And it was then at original price for about $198. It's probably on sale now for much less.

Another good place to try is Aldo Shoes. They have really good knock-offs of all the hot styles for under $70 bucks.