Monday, April 17, 2006

Katie's on a Shoe Shopping Spree

Day 1

Day 2

Someone didn't send the memo to Katie Holmes. Pregnant women NEVER go shopping for two hours at a time for shoes when they are nine months pregnant. Especially "hard to bend over and zip knee high boots" and high heel sandals. When I was nine months pregnant (twice) my feet were too swollen to fit into anything but flip flops and oversized slip on shoes. At one point I was wearing my husband's shoes! But I was NOT shopping for new shoes at this point. Most pregnant women at this stage shop for baby things or nursing bras. Katie needs to be spending more time at Babies R Us and less time at Nieman Marcus if she wants to make this sham plausible.

I'm now beginning to believe Katie's already had the baby (if she was even pregnant at all), and is on a post-partum shoe shopping spree. You moms out there know what I'm talking about. The day you finally get out of your post-partum stupor and decide you are ready to pack away the maternity clothes (about 2-3 months after the baby has been born) and realize none of the shoes in your closet fit anymore because they are too small. I agree with the other gossip blogs, this "baby" is going to emerge at the same time MI3 is released.


Aisha said...

This is very strange. Every picture I see she doesnt truly look pregnant. And you're right buying shoes when your feet are at their most swollen? That makes no sense.

Unknown said...

And it's odd that she goes out so many days in a row to buy shoes, knowing she's going to be photographed. I can't believe how much the two of them are courting the publicity machine.