Sunday, April 09, 2006

Christina's New Pepsi Commerical

My sister just sent me this link to Christina Aguilera's new Pepsi commerical. The commerical was a duo collaboration with Lebanese singer Elissa. Apparently half the world has already seen it on their TV's, it hasn't aired in America yet (I'm not sure if there are plans to air it here). Lucky for us, we have You Tube. Christina looks like her typical self in the commercial, but Elissa is the one who really shines. I wonder if there is at least one Arab song that doesn't use the word "Habibi" at least three times? Probably not. It's probably the same reason no American song can be sung without saying the word "baby".


keda said...

god you tube sucks recently.... its just not showing!

thank you so much for your lovely comment. as for the breastfeeding well done. i have a picture of me balancing on a stool outside a cafe feeding them both together aged about 20 months!!

i'll be back to try to see this later*

Chic Mommy said...

Thanks Keda. You continue to amaze me girlfriend, I never had the guts to breastfeed the twins in public, I gave them bottles when we were out. Aside from the fact that I wasn't able to do it discreetly, people stare alot here or give you that "I'm looking at you but I'm pretending to ignore you" look. It's strange, but I think breastfeeding in public is so much more acceptable outside the U.S.

Unknown said...


Not a big fan of Chistina. And the bit in there with the Bollywood style/Mughal dancing girl set is so over already. Enough with the "exotic India" cliches.

Elissa sounded interesting though.