Friday, October 21, 2005

Posh Spice: "Just like any other mum"

"Look at me bitches!"

"My fake knockers are defying gravity!"

"Yeah, so I greased up my hot bod with baby oil... you would too if you were made of plastic."

So I just saw these photos on Just Jared and I cannot believe it. She looks more fake than a Barbie doll. Her body is unreal, I have never seen a mother look like that. You can't tell that she has had three children, the youngest being less than a year old! Kudos to the plastic surgeon who did her boobs, it's amazing what modern science can do. They really are defying gravity, she probably never needs to wear a bra! I don't care for her Cavalli dress either, it just looks wrong, in more ways than one.

Our fellow "mum" was recently quoted as saying:

"Of course I don't twirl around the house in four-inch heels
and designer dresses when I'm loading the dishwasher, or playing with the kids -
I'm a no make-up, jeans and T-shirt girl, just like any other mum." [

Um, yeah. I can really see her loading the dishwasher. Doesn't Becks have a maid to do that for her? And are those jeans by Rock and Republic or the Gap? This "other mum" would like to know.

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