Friday, October 21, 2005

Hot new bag from Cole Haan

I never thought of Cole Haan as being a great handbag designer. I always thought they just designed conservative clothing for work. Imagine my surprise when I recently saw an ad for this handbag in one of my fashion mags. Look at it, it's amazing. It's called the "Pocket Satchel" and retails for $395, not bad for a design that looks like it should cost much more money. It's so unique, and the pockets on the ends are perfect for those little things you need in an instant like cell phones, makeup, or hair clips/elastics. (Note about hair accessories: Chic Mommies don't wear scrunchies in public anymore, save those for when you're at home in your t-shirt and stretchy yoga/sweat pants having yet another grubby day.)


ITADDICT said...

Where do you get the Pocket Satchel from. Is this a good purse for chic mommies across the US?

rabiaiman said...

lovin' ur blog!!! glad u also got on to mine!!! LOL @ posh spice!!! wouldnt it be nice to have personal trainers, maids, surgery the works!!!

Chic Mommy said...

Itaddict, click on the link for the Pocket Satchel. It takes you to Cole Haan's website. I think it is also available at Nordstrom.