Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Star Secrets to be rolled out as Star Confessions

I can't believe Loreal went back on their word. I e-mailed them a few months ago about when the Star Secrets line would be rolled out in the U.S. , and I received a very curt e-mail from them saying there were no plans to introduce the line in the United States. Then yesterday, I pick up this month's copy of Allure, and there, on page 82, is a little quip that talks about how Loreal's Star Confessions lipsticks (they changed the name slightly) are going to be a hot new item for fall beauty. Was rolling the line out in the U.S. a last minute decision? I guess I'll never know the answer to that. But what I do know from sampling the Aishwarya Beige and Eva Longoria shades from this line is that the lipsticks are absolutely not worth it. Test a few shades on your hand to see for yourself. The colors are now available wherever Loreal lipsticks are sold, and retail for about $8.50.


See Bee said...

isn't l'oreal an american company?? sounds french but i always thought it was american

See Bee said...

my sis also has three kids who are under four :)
i must say, its fun being an aunt...but quite stressful being the mommy!

pixie said...

Doesn't Lancome own Loreal?

Stacy said...

Good shades or not, I'll never wear Loreal. I'm allergic to anything containing lanolin (AKA sheep oil.) Did you know that 98% of all lipsticks are made with lanolin?

Chic Mommy said...

trauma queen, Loreal is French and based in Paris. I actually interviewed for a job in their U.S. branch once upon a time, but I wasn't boring enough to get hired.

you're right pixie, loreal and lancome, also Garnier and Kiehl's are all owned by the Loreal Paris giant.

stacy, I hate Loreal lipticks too. they all taste nasty. like expired Pond's cold cream. The lanolin info is new to me, but luckily I'm not allergic to the lanolin. If there is one piece of makeup I can't live without, it's lipstick.

I would probably boycott Loreal if they didn't make such a nice eyeliner. I've been using Le Grand Kohl eyeliner in Black Sable for about 5 years and it's the best color to match my hair and eyes. They are good for eyemakeup, but I'd rather spend about $4 dollars more and buy MAC lipsticks rather than Loreal ones. the quality is so much better at MAC.

August Sunshine said...

Chic - I've got a question for you. But some background first: I am interviewing next week (w/ law firms). It's still August and not cold yet. I may continue interviewing (past htis one week on-campus stuff) well into the winter. Now, I need shoes.

Do I buy slingbacks? I can't wear those in the winter, and since I am trying not to spend too much money, I'd rather just buy one pair of shoes. What do you think?

Chic Mommy said...

August, I don't think slingbacks are a good idea if you want to take the shoes into winter. I think you're best bet would be to buy one pair of well-made, basic, black leather pumps. They go with everything and you will get the
most mileage out of them even after you get the job.

I am really impressed by the quality of Banana Republic Shoes these days. I used to buy Enzos, but Banana Republic hold up longer.

Try this link for nice work pumps.
They are a little pricey, but when you factor in your "cost per wear" they'll be worth it.

If those are over your budget, try shopping for pumps at Aerosoles. I used to have to walk around alot in my old job, and I loved wearing the pumps from this store.

West Coast Mommy said...

I second the aerosoles. every once in awhile you can find something really cute there, and the shoes are comfortable.

Unknown said...

Those were cute BR pumps - classic and perfect for law firm interviewing.

I love BR shoes too.

Roonie said...

At least they don't test on animals!

August Sunshine said...

Judging from the picture, I wonder if the front portion of the shoe is kinda small. It may just be the picture though, but I'm afraid of revealing too much of my not-so-pretty toes.

Also, they are so expensive!! But I see what you mean about investing in a good, comfortable pair. Maybe if I actually get a job out of these interviews, I'll buy these shoes for when I have to work in them all day.

For now, I was hoping to stick to the Aldos for interviews. But you don't think they're appropriate, eh?

Doh! I was hoping to get them okay'd by you. Maybe I'll return them this weekend and keep looking. I need them by Monday morning so I can't order anything online. All I have is what's at the mall, and the mall here isn't great.

Interestingly, Nine West was having a huge sale three days ago, and today when I walked by, the store was gone. Maybe they're remodeling or something. Oh, now it's not so interesting anymore.

Unknown said...

chic -

had to send you this link for scary posh spice pic.

good makeup site too.


Anonymous said...

Weird! I wrote about Loreal today and how I once worked in the NY office! They are lame-o!!!

Ameet said...

A whole week without posts. Wow - those kids must keep you really busy!

Chic Mommy said...

sadaf, I always knew Posh was Satan's slave. that pic confirms it.

ameet, tell me about it. I'm so tired I'm crashing into garages.