Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Out out damn bugs

I went to the mall today with the kids and finally figured out the source of the carbug infiltration in my minivan. It's the double stroller. Everytime we go to the mall, the kids are constantly eating food in that thing. Cheetos, Wendy's nuggets, Cini Sticks (from Cinnabon), Cheezits, M&M's, you name it they eat it. The scraps get trapped in the seat and underbasket of the stroller and since I wasn't shaking the stroller out regularly, that thing became an all you can eat buffet for bugs once it was put in the trunk.

The kids ate Cini Sticks today again and luckily I noticed Z throwing pieces of the baked good into the underbasket. This time I shook the stroller out and wiped it down with wet wipes before putting it back in the trunk, but I think what it really needs is a good washing inside and out. I don't have the time to take off each seat cushion and detail the thing, so I've decided to get the kids in their swimsuits and wash it like a car outside as soon as we get a nice hot day. Then I plan to leave it out in the sun to dry so any bug that survived the washing can die from heat expsoure.

I'm so disgusted by my minivan, I thought it was the perfect vehicle for my family of five, but it's just one giant pain in the ass. Bugs aside, it's impossible to crawl into it to get the kids in and out of their car seats, especially the one that sits in the back. I feel like taking the minivan out to the marsh off the NJ Turnpike and torching it, mafia-style. That'll kill the bugs for sure. But I can't because it's a lease, which lucky for me ends in a few months. The dealer knows about the bug incident but can't refuse to take it back. There was nothing in the lease contract that mentioned carbugs, so when the lease is up, the dealer's probably gonna torch it himself. I want a more station wagon type car for my next car, something like a VW Toureg. I test drove it a while ago and I really like the shape of it. Plus, I don't need to do acrobatics to load the kids in it.


Lisa said...

I used to smack my head every time I loaded the kids in it. Being without a vehicle now - I'd take another minivan...but I know what you mean!

Unknown said...

I should thank you for the PSA regarding car bugs. Jordan loves Graham crackers, eats them in his stroller, and leaves more crumbs than he actually consumes.

Since reading about your car, I've made it a point to try and shake those out before loading it up in the minivan. Who knows if it's helping, but I'm trying to convince myself it will.