Saturday, May 06, 2006

What's up with Galliano?

John Galliano (on the left) is a creative genius when it comes to haute couture. That dress Charlize Theron is wearing, he designed it. But what I'm wondering is why John himself dresses like a tranvestite crack addict? I know Dior makes suits for men, why doesn't he wear one of them? [Source]


keda said...

this guy so cracks me up! he's a genius. i saw his entire spring show the other day and it was amazing. a real cabaret show. stunning, hilarious and with midgets (whats the correct terminology now in the us?) huge fat people, skinny vampires and old bearded dudes. but everyone in exquisitely tailored clothes. the dresses are literallt to die for! but he's always the same pirate prince!!
Bonkers with a capital B.

Virenda said...

Love the clothes he makes. I mean they are pieces of art but the man is crazy. LOL that outfit he's sporting is just fantastically horrific.

Chic Mommy said...

I love that name you have for him keda... The Pirate Prince, LOL!

Lena said...

I couldn't get into this dress. I just - could not.

Not literally either! HAHAHAHA!