Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fugly Trend Alert: Leggings

Why is Sienna Miller so intent on bringing back leggings? I admit they were comfortable, in the 80's, but unless you've got skinny legs, they are not very flattering to the majority of women. I wouldn't even wear leggings to the gym, the tight lycra gives away too much information about how long it's been since I worked out. Fashion mags drool over Sienna for her bold trendsetting style. I'd like to know what they are looking at because I don't see "style" here. I see someone who raided the clearance section at TJ Maxx's activewear department while carrying a $1,500 Balenciaga bag. [source]


Virenda said...

Thank YOU! I am so tired and OVER Sienna and have never understood the whole fashion trendsetter thing. Her shoes are ALWAYS ugly and the leggings need to GO!

Only thing she knows how to buy is purses.

(Although all those damn purses are FREE for her...)

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Amen to this! Pants like this, and leggings themselves show every dimple and bulge.

Aisha said...

I dont get it either. Seems they're all wearing them thouh turning otehrweise gorgeous outfits into hideous spectacles. They wear them under reallly really cute dresses at formal events. I dont get it!

Kelly said...

Leggings are so horrible.
I hate them.
They need to go away.

Ameet said...

Ewww ... that's so TJMaxx.

Anonymous said...

the only people that don't like leggings are either fat or can't pull off the look... just because you can't doesn't mean it's not cute!! IT'S SOO CUTE
girls don't be caddy, common!