Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It Happened One Night at the MET

Some of the women at the latest MET Costume Institute Gala in NYC looked really elegant. Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, and Christy Turlington were among the best dressed ladies there.

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Unfortunately, some celebrities confused the fashion gala with a Halloween party. Behold the best of the Festival of Fright.

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Trick or Treat! Mary-Kate Olsen is my favorite serial goth dresser. The girl just can't seem to get enough of dressing up like Morticia Addams, and once again, she did not fail to disappoint us. It looks like she killed Cousin It, dyed him black, and turned him into a scary dress. Yikes!

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Want a dress like Parker Posey's? Here's how you can steal the look. Take a very insanely expensive haute couture dress and throw it into a tank full of piranhas. Remove with a wire hanger (careful, you don't want your fingers eaten!) and let drip dry. Then wear it to the red carpet and call

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Ditto for Shalom Harlow. Except instead of feeding the dress to piranhas, run it through a paper shredder. Then take it outside and run over it with your car a couple times to give it that "vintage" look. Finally, attach a nice big fugly bow at the neckline for a splash of color. Tres Chic!

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This is what I call, "nice try but no, sari". If this dress was floor length, and if Jennifer Connelly had worn a little more makeup to balance out the color of her dress with her skin tone, this would have looked much nicer.

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And the Award for the Most Hideous Dress of the Night goes to....Karolina Korkova. I think there's a pretty dress hiding underneath there somewhere, but that ugly shawl and roadkill she's wearing around her neck is preventing me from looking at anything else. I'm seriously scared of that stole. It looks like it was alive just five minutes ago.



Anonymous said...

I understand Mary-Kate! Does she ever look good? And all that money!!! Can't she just pay someone to help her look good. Bleh!

Anonymous said...



sherni said...

that olsen dress is so hideous!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha

VRK said...

More advice please...nailpolish colors for we women of color. I hate to describe skin color; it's so cheesy. So if you please, list colors for those fair skinned lovelies as well as those darker skinned beauties.

Mani/pedi here I come! Oh the horror that are my feet!

Unknown said...

The commnetary was great!!
@ road Kill...still rofl!!


Aisha said...

OH MY GOSH the last one is HIDEOUS!!!

but though Mary-Kate is hideously dressed.. it does not surprise me... and for her... its not bad.

Its such a shame such people have so much money to spend on clothes and yet choose to wear such awful things... what a waste!