Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kickin' it with Joe

I watch Blues Clues with my kids at least 6 times a day, so it's only natural that I have become completely enamored with the cute guy who plays Joe (actor Donovan Patton for those who want to know). Last night, I dreamt that I had hired a sitter for the kids and I was getting ready to go out for a night on the town. We were going to go out for fajitas at my favorite Tex-Mex place and then go clubbing in the city. You'd think my "date" would be my husband, but no, it was Joe from Blues Clues! Joe was out of his usual uniform and wearing jeans and a regular t-shirt and sweater combo. He had a Corona in his hand and asked me "Are you ready to go?" and I was like "yeah, let's get out of here," and then I woke up. Damn. Just as things were about to get good.

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FBT said...

I used to think that I hated Brad Pitt until I had a dream where he was desperately in love with me - but alas it was not to be. He was with Jen. I was with my hubby. We were but two ships that passed in the night. I've had a sneaking fondness for Brad ever since. And that Angelina Jolie is just a passing fling.