Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where the snowsuits be at???... ( bitches!!!)

It is not even officially winter, yet all the stores here in New York have run out of snowsuits and snow boots, especially in the toddler sizes. What's going on? My parents have a great yard for sledding and I want to take the kids out to enjoy the wintery weather of the Upstate I grew up in, yet finding a snowsuit and boots even at Walmart is becoming mission impossible. There are tons of sleds, but no outerwear available. The salespeople said they were all gone in September, when it was sunny and 70 degrees outside. Now that it is freezing and snowing outside, stores are fully stocked with swimsuits, shorts, and spring clothes. What kind of skewed logic is this? It's winter, shouldn't I be able to by winter clothes in the store?? I'm being forced to look online (where I'm facing slim pickings as well) and pay extra for rush delivery so we can sled before we go back home (where we barely have a yard).


FBT said...

chic mommy, that rodeo drive site is the business - I love it. And they ship internationally, which lots of US sites don't do. Thank you! Have you bought stuff from it? Are they reliable?

Chic Mommy said...

I haven't bought anything yet from them, but alot of the readers at BudgetFashionista have posted nothing but positive experiences about them. Also, I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and they are legit and have no complaints.