Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Steal the Look: Angelina's Diamond Studs



I've never owned a pair of diamond studs, but seeing Angelina wear them from everything to a walk in the park to the red carpet makes me wish I had a pair. I've been doing some research on these beauties and it seems Anglina's earrings are most likely a minimum of 4 carats of flawless diamonds set in platinum. Something like that would cost well over $10,000, perhaps even more depending on the quality of the diamond. I don't think I'll ever have the money to get the real deal, especially since all my savings are going to hell in a handbasket in the stock market, but I think I've finally found a faux pair online that would pass for studs just like Angelina's.


Check these babies out ladies, 4 carats (2 carats per ear) of simulated diamonds set in 14K gold. For me, the 14 K gold setting is key, because my ears are allergic to the nickel/metal plating done on most costume jewelry. I don't care if they're not real diamonds, I just want the sparkle and the look of real ice, without breaking into a rash or going broke. Besides, when Marilyn Monroe said diamonds are a girl's best friend, she didn't say they had to be real diamonds. For me, faux friends will do just fine.

I actually ordered these, and ended up returning them soon after because I found the size of the studs too big for my ears. There's no question these were beautiful earrings, but I think my earlobes are too small to accommodate 2 carat stones. They ended up looking fake and over the top instead of subtle and glamourous. I think faux studs in the 2 or 3 carat range would have been a better choice.

Angelina pics via Just Jared.


ZenDenizen said...

I am obsessed with rhinestones but it's getting to the point where I look like an 80s country singer :)

I can't do costume earrings either because of the nickel...

i♥make-up said...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. You were right when u said that. Hope all's going well with you and your kids!!! xoxo... come and visit me...


dhoop kinara said...

when going fore a diamonds that are less than perfect go for 0.5 to 1 ct...the smaller the better...the big ones look fake

VRK said...

You've pictured diamonds in a gold setting. Consider buying in a silver/white gold setting as well. Just like on your engagement ring, the diamond's brilliance won't be diminished with a white setting. Sometimes the gold setting takes the beauty away.

Did you get the earrings for yourself?