Thursday, June 14, 2007

Steal Katrina Kaif's Look

Okay Saniya, this one's especially for you. After looking through several photos of Bollywood stars, this one popped out as a well polished look for a night out. And it helped that I could also find a close-up of the look.

All eyeshadows are by MAC. Use Electra all over lids, and Scene in the crease. Vanilla to highlight. It looks like she's got liquid liner going on the top lashline too, but honestly, I've found it easier to use Smashbox Creme Liner in Caviar. Once you've drawn the line on top, you tap it into the lower lashes as well to balance out the eyes. If you want, once you've lined with the creme liner, you can trace over the line on the upper lashes with a liquid liner. The one I like the best is Lancome's Precision Point ARTLINER ($27.00). It's like using a fine point Sharpie to line your eyes, and it's much easier to use than those feathery wand type things you have to dip in a tube and carefully draw over your lashes. I hated those things. I always ended up drawing the line too big or too crooked. Oh, and top ONLY the upper lashes with MAC Prolash Mascara, the best hands down mascara I've ever used. Putting mascara on lower lashes is unnecessary if you've already lined them with eyeliner.

MAC Taupe Lipstick (this is a staple shade among Bollywood actresses), topped with Luxuriate Tinted Lipglass. Lipliner is optional, depending on how pigmented your lips are, but I think it's nice to use one just to seal in the color and get that creamy-glossy look you see here. If you're on the fair side, use MAC Spice Lipliner, if you have a little more tan and color to your skin, use MAC Half-Red Lipliner.

MAC Blush in Pinch Me. In addition to a blush, add a luminizer to highlight the apples of the cheeks. Try the "Icy" shade from the Laura Gellar Beauty Dews ($21.50) face palette (this is a good buy, because it gives you three color options in one kit, all for around $20 bucks).

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Bengali Chick said...

You are a makeup GENIUS. You really are in love with the Mac mascara? B/c I might have to go buy it as soon as my Dior runs out.

Chic Mommy said...

It really is the best I've tried BC. And I've tried the big shots like Chanel too, this MAC Pro Lash is the best, it never clumps or flakes (everyone else promises that, but very few deliver on that promise.)

i♥make-up said...

I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!! MUAH MUAH MUAH. Thank you!!!!!

Piki said...

I am always looking for some make-up advice. Thank you!
I am going to try that Lancome eyeliner. I have been looking for a good one. Thanks so much!

Chic Mommy said...

your welcome ladies. :) The Electra eyeshadow is pretty intense though, try it before you buy, it appears silver on some women (but still looks pretty, especially on darker skin tones.). you can always substitute a pearly white shade for the eyelids if the Electra is too strong for you.

Unknown said...

Hi There,
It's me Amy. Just wanted to thank you for the makeup tip as I am not familiar on which colors to choose. I hope you post more!

Unknown said...

check aish makeup:

Anonymous said...

Ohmygoshhh thank you soooooo muchhh!!!!!!!!! You're soooooo awesomee!!! LUVVVV YAAAA <3 <3 !!! you think you could post more on Katrina Kaif's looks? I found this really nice pic of her...'n' I LOVEE her makeup in this pic. Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE make post a topic on this???

Here's the Pic -

Again....thankksss soooo much...n LUVV yaa!!! <3
(I feel so evil stealing her loookss =P . But's only her LOOKS that I'm stealing =P )