Monday, June 25, 2007

Clinique's New Lip Glosses are Like Botox in a Tube

I first heard about Clinique Full Potential Plump and Shine lip gloss over at Beauty Marked, a super site for beauty news. According to Clinique, these glosses not only make your lips look plumper, but also, if you use the gloss consistently over a period of a couple months, your lips will actually become (or appear) more smooth and plump on their own, with or without the gloss on. It's like getting the effects of Botox without the cost and painful injections.

It's all the rage in Hollywood right now, and every celeb has a favorite shade picked out. Nicky Hilton and Rosario Dawson have nabbed Cherry Bomb, a golden pink, as their favorite shade, while Michelle Trachtenberg (a.k.a "The Key") went for a deeper shade with Voluptuous Violet. New mom of twins Marcia Cross picked Glamour-Full, a gingersnap shade to complement her red hair.

After seeing all these celebrities endorse these glosses, of course I had to check these out for myself. The colors are all made to suit any skin tone , you can't really pick a wrong shade here. My favorite of the bunch is Braisin, a gorgeous blend of bronze and raisin colors. It's perfect for summer and I love how easily it makes me look awake (which by itself, is a difficult task these days). I don't even need a lipliner or any other lipstick underneath it, I just swipe it on, put on blush and mascara, and I'm ready in two minutes. If you're a fan of plum lip colors, you've got to try this shade.

Now, the test. Does it really make your lips look plumper? Well, for the first 10 mintues, it feels like you're wearing Blistex or Burt's Bees balm on your lips, there's a light tingling feeling you get from it. To be more accurate, it's the feeling you get after eating really spicy chili peppers (been there, done that, the food was so worth the pain). Then the tingling disappears and your lips swell up, making you look like a smooth lip gloss diva.

The magic is over once you wash it off with soap and water. So far, I haven't used it long enough to see if it will make my natural lips look like Angelina Jolie's, but for the time you wear it, it does make your lips appear to be big and glossy. Check it out at Nordstrom for $17.50.


Unknown said...

Hey Chic,
Just wanted to thank you again. I have thin lips and now will check this one out!
Keep up the excellent work.
I love your site!

Chic Mommy said...

Do try it bidjawatie, it really makes them look bigger, and I've noticed it kind of exfoliates them too.

sobia said...
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sobia said...
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Anu said...

i think clinique gets such a bad rep. everyone always thinks it's not that great but they have some AMAZING stuff.

Unknown said...

Hi Again,
I bought the color u recommended but it looked weird on me so I tried playful plump and that color was awesome. Oh yaah my co-workers noticed my lips plumped even when after two weeks, I didn't wear it! So I bought 2 tubes one in so pink and the other playful plump!

Linda said...

I love Clinique cosmetics! And this lip gloss seems to be really gorgeous!