Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cool Gift Idea for Men: The Man Box

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The husband discovered this really neat valet this weekend while we were at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are having a nation-wide extreme clearance event, and we went with the kids to go check it out. It ended up costing him only $17 after the additional in-store discount and Big Blue Coupon, and he's put it up on the kitchen countertop now to store all his man belongings: Blue Tooth, Blackberry, wallet, watch. (Although he never really uses the watch to tell time anymore. Everytime I ask him what time it is, he looks at his Blackberry).

He parked it right next to the electrical outlet where he plugs the cell phone into the charger. The compartment in the middle of the box lifts up and is big enough to hold DVD's that need to be returned, bills that need to be mailed, and the secret cubby below holds all his other junk, like gum, Motrin, and business cards. I've gotta say, the box is pretty cool, I'm even tempted to put some of my own stuff in it, but he's claimed it as all his. He says I've got my big purse to hold my stuff, and he's got, what I've coined as, his Man Box.

I've never seen him so excited over something like this before. It's the same joy I would feel if I got a Marc Jacobs handbag. He's calling all his friends over to the house to see it, and subsequently, they are all making a mad dash to get one as well. The only thing is, it's not portable, but I guess that's why men have all those extra pockets in their jackets (and those cargo pants). This is strictly for home use, so he's not wondering where he put his things and can find them on a daily basis.

I guess he just bought himself his own Valentine's Day gift.


August Sunshine said...

Good idea, I should get one for my husband!

pixie said...

I'm on my way to bed, bath and beyond!

Anonymous said...

They sell something like this for a lot more money at redenvelope.com

My husband loves his. Weird isn't it?