Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The New Face of the Yellow Wiggle

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If you haven't heard the sad news yet, Greg Page (The original Yellow Wiggle) has retired from the Wiggles due to a horrible illness and has passed his yellow shirt to 27 year old Sam Moran, his understudy. I know for sure one of my friends is going to be heartbroken over this news. Greg was her favorite. I personally have a preference for the Blue Wiggle, Anthony, but I'm going to miss Greg. He has a very sweet way of letting the children know about his departure in a video on the Wiggles website, in which he ceremoniously passes his yellow shirt to the new Yellow Wiggle, Sam Moran. The whole scene is very reminiscent of the infamous Blues Clues episode where Steve "left for college" and introduced Joe to the kids.

My son watched Greg's video today showed neither sadness nor happiness. He was completely indifferent to the change. I, however, felt really sad for Greg after I saw the video. This was a man who really loved what he did, and it's painful to watch him suffer and not be able to sing and dance like he used to, or wants to, anymore. Also, I can't believe he's only 34 years old! I always thought he was a little older, and it is frightening that someone who seemed to be in the prime of their health could be debilitated by a disease at such an early age. My heart goes out to Greg.

On a lighter note, I do think Sam is rather cute and should be fun to watch. The news so far is that the kids have accepted Sam as the new Yellow Wiggle without any problems. Children really don't care who's doing the entertaining as long as someone is doing it. It's the Moms, on the other hand, who are going to need a little more time adjusting to the change. Especially the ones who answer "Greg" to the question "Which Wiggle would you do?", (a game nearly every mother has played in her head or with her friends at least once.) I really don't mind Sam's addition to the Wiggles, mainly because I'm an Anthony fan. I'm sure if Anthoney were to ever retire, then I'd truly be a mess.


Lisa said...

Anthony is my favorite too - but I will really miss Greg. I think because he's the lead singer that makes a replacement strange for me.

Honestly, I would miss any of them if they were to leave. We have the Greg doll that sings and it was the first time that I was glad we bought it!

Chic Mommy said...

Lisa, that Greg doll is probably going to be worth alot of money now. I think I might go see if I can find one just for a keepsake and see if it increases in value.

sassymommy said...

When we saw the Wiggles show in August Sam was filling in for Greg, and he was really good. It should be a fairly seamless transition, at least for the kids.

rabiaiman said...

u have a great memory. i remember when we had our wiggles talk. yeah greg was my fav(tall and lanky yeap that is about right)