Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pedestrians have the right of way, bitch!

I've really got to stop swearing in front of my kids! Today we had another highly caffeinated playdate with the train set at Barnes and Nobles. As we attempted to cross the parking lot from B&N back to our minivan, this woman driving in her car refused to stop for us, even though we were already in the middle of the road. Even though I knew she couldn't hear me, I yelled to the back of her car "Can't you see we're crossing the road bitch?!" My son chimed in, "yeah, you bitch!" followed by "you asshole!" Out came the a-word again, I don't know how to erase this from his vocabulary. Why can't I keep a clamp on my tongue in front of the kids in the first place to keep them from hearing such words?

The woman in the car is long gone now, but I am still so furious. How can you not stop the car when you see a mom, holding the hands of three little children, crossing the road right in front of you? I excused my son's torrets this time, but on the drive home tried to explain how we're not supposed to say bad words. I'm such a hypocrite.


Lena said...

Oooooh no. That is bad. I so understand though.

The other night it was really rainy and we tried to go out to eat. There were a million cars in the parking lot. I finally found someone pulling out of their space and sat with my blinker on. Someone pulled up from the other direction and quickly took the space. Not even my husband pulling on my arm and my daughter in the back restrained me from rolling down my window and letting loose.

Then my daughter wanted to go over each word and ask what it meant!

You were justified!;)

Chic Mommy said...

he he, that was hilarious Lena! I know what you mean though, some people are just asking for it. Did you see that episode of Entourage once where Ari comes into the house after a jog swearing up a storm in front of his kids and then follows up with a "only Daddy can speak like that!"? We're only human.

Unknown said...

Considering you were almost run over by a flippin mini van, I'd be f-ing pi$$ed too.

I'm working on the language restraint thing. Thankfully, my guy is still only at the da-da, moo, and ba! stage. I'm hoping his first recognizeable word won't be an obscenity, but given what passes for conversation in this house, I'm not too optimistic.

Aisha said...

I'm scared I'll do stuff like that too b/c when I'm in the car my mouth changes from nice girl to potty mouth :)

Leilouta said...

Curse in Arabic next time:)
I'll be glad to send you a list.

Chic Mommy said...

Sadaf, your baby knows more than you think. Ask him to get his blanket and he will do as command. So glad you visited my blog!

Aisha-I once heard a comedian say once we are inside our cars, we are in our "bigot bubble", the worst in us comes out. I swear behind the wheel all the time... I've got to stop.

Leilouta-Girl you don't know the half of it. If I swear in Arabic, and I did learn a few choice words from my Palestinian roommate in college, it would only increase my kids' repertoire of swear words. They don't really care what it means as long as they know it's a bad word. My son already knows many swear words in Urdu from listening to my husband talk on the phone with his friends. But do send me that list, I'm always looking to increase my own repertoire of bad words.

Leilouta said...

Here you go:)

خرى (khra/sh*t)
جحش (jihsh/mule)
بقرة (bagra/cow)
بهيم (bhim/donkey)

Chic Mommy said...

Wow L, those are tame compare to the ones I've heard.