Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aishwarya Rai Mehndi and Wedding Links

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Out of all the photos that leaked out on the web of the Aishwarya-Abhishek wedding, this is my favorite. All the rest of her pictures show such a restrained smile, I feel the photos don't do her justice. Perhaps it was the tension from the media or the wedding itself, but I wish she had smiled more and looked more relaxed. Then again, I didn't smile much at my wedding either, because my mother told me "good girls" are supposed to just sit there and stare at the floor. And not smile. I really regret listening to her old school advice. All my wedding pictures turned out like crap.

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Meanwhile, how much you wanna bet that lady in the orange is the one who leaked this mehndi pic out onto the net? Just look at her, I can practically read the expression on her face, "Look at me, bitches, I'm applying henna on Aishwarya Rai's hands. Yeah, that's right, THE Aishwarya Rai. Did you get a good look? I'm actually touching her hand! Envy me, bitches, envy me."

Here are some more buzzworthy links related to the "wedding of the century":

Aishwarya Rai Ties the Knot (Celebitchy) (Good pictures of Ash and Abhi's visit to a temple AND super rare photos of them at their wedding reception. )

Pictures of the Mehndi (IBN Live)

Pictures of Ash and Abhi on a pimped out private plane decorated with flowers. (First Bollywood)

close-up photo at top of page via (Ek Jut)


Viv said...

/Sigh, she is so beautiful.

Recovering D said...

Good pics! But eww on the mehndi for the guys. Dude, mehndi's a GIRL thing. It just looks gross on men.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

yeah, what is with the guy mehndi thing? I saw pics of Hrithik Roshan getting mehndi done for his wedding too.

Oooh, on the celebitchy pics...dude, that is the EXACT colour I want for my wedding sari (a coral orangey yellow). I'm Marathi so I can wear yellow.

But for anyone getting married and upset about the bulk of a sari, just wanted to give y'all the heads up from my sis's wedding last summer...NET SARI. It's basically a fine mesh with all the zari, it's very very see through though. But it wraps very close to the body. She got one in red.

*sigh* Is it wrong to admit that I wish I could just bloody meet someone and get married???

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I mean "I'm Marathi so it's the wedding colour for my ethnic group" not like "I'm marathi and yellow flatters all maharashtrians"

AndTHEN... said...

i didnt think that her sari looked good
with respects to people who want that color im just saying that she should have worn something different. maybe in a...light pink color? or maybe..hmm a deep orange? im gonna wear a salwar kameez at my wedding ceremony but at my reception im going to wear a western style wedding dress with a looooooooooong train lol i really liked what she was wearing at her mehndi