Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Twins are a Fire Hazard Waiting to Happen

I placed a pot of water for boiling on the stove today (to make Mac n' Cheese for the kids, again) and left for only two minutes to go to the bathroom. I thought it would be okay, the girls were playing with legos in the family room and Big Brother said he would watch them for me. They're two and a half now, and I thought they should know better by now than to do something stupid.

Apparently, I was wrong. Big Brother was not watching, and when I came back this is what I saw. (Click image to enlarge).

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Something in this photo made me boiling mad, and it wasn't the pot of water on the stove or the brownie mix that magically appeared. It was the chairs, the goddamn Little Tykes chairs!

The twins ran away from this scene the minute they heard me come out of the bathroom, leaving the two empty chairs behind. That proves to me that at least they knew what they did was wrong, and very dangerous, and didn't want to get caught at the scene of the crime. Yet, at the same time, this served as a reminder to me that the girls are still too young to understand the dangers of a kitchen, and I should have turned off the stove before I left. After all, that's what "responsible parenting" is, but sometimes I'm juggling so many things, I forget.

As for the brownies, it was a message from the twins. Bake them. Or else.


Lisa said...

OMG - too funny but scary, I know. Our girls did the same thing to me before. Talk about flipping out!

Piki said...

Motherhood is a tough job. No matter how hard you try, these days kids are just one step ahead of you!!!
My 2 yr old does the same thing. She knows she should not be near the stove, but she still reaches over and puts her hand on the stove, directly!!
I am glad that most of the time I remember to use the burner in the back, but one of these days...she is going to get into such trouble!

VRK said...

I'm guilty of thinking the older ones will watch the baby as well, only to find the baby in precarious positions. I had the house locked up tight when the twins were young but now there's a 6 year age diff. between them and baby. The childproof stuff went out a looong time ago and I'm constantly running around playing defense. Thank goodness you came out just in just don't know (or believe) the dangers and are very curious.

Anonymous said...

OMG you are freaking me kitchen is really really clean.....There is something wrong with kitchen never looks that clean.....

keda said...

ooof the little buggers!

thank goodness they know it's wrong at least.
but very scary. gecmis olsun.

Prachi Junankar-Gokhale said...

Oh god - the stuff of my nightmares. And my mother's. When my older brother was little, he spilled boiling water from a kettle onto his private parts. He went through a long, hellish recovery.
Using only the back burners has become such a habit for me. And turning the handles inside so Rowan can't pull at them.
Sorry... don't mean to scare you.

Ayesha said...

...this brings back horrible memories of how my younger brother got burned with boiling water a long time ag - exactly the same way...shudder...thank god you came out in time!...


FBT said...

Really scary! Maybe you should have one of those childgates across the kitchen door.

Agree with the comment about the astonishingly clean kitchen.

Chic Mommy said...

prachi, okay,now I'm scared. I'm so sorry that happened to your brother. You too Ayesha, I hope they are alright now. My dad still has scars from pouring tea on his legs as a child too. It's so scary raising kids, and so stressful. you can't look away even for a minute.

I wish I could use the back burners, but the flame is low there and it takes forever for anything to cook. Also, the pot doesn't fit back there to well. However, we do boil water for tea in the kettle on the back burner.

Oh, and ladies, the reason my kitchen looks so clean is because I have a cleaning lady. When she's not around, my neat freak husband is cleaning the kitchen. I'm a slob surrounded by neat freaks.