Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Four Nailpolish Colors That Look Fab on Everyone

If it's been a while since you've updated your nailpolish wardrobe, try these four fun shades by OPI. They look good on nearly everyone, and will keep you in style from winter through spring.

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Lincoln Park After Dark

This is a cult hit, and a color even my son thinks "looks cool". I recently went to a holiday party wearing this shade on my hands and both a mom and her teenage daughter asked me for the name of this shade. The daughter said it's very much like the black polish all the girls are wearing at school, but this looks classier. Her mom agreed. Lincoln Park After Dark is actually a super dark purple shade that makes you look trendy and glamorous, without the risk of looking like an emo.

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I'm Not Really a Waitress

This is my favorite red polish ever. It's blue-based, so it looks equally striking on dark skin as it does on light skin. Try it on your toes, I applied mine nearly two weeks ago and it still hasn't chipped or lost it's shine.

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Chicago Champagne Toast

The most perfect neutral everyday polish. Works great for the office as well as for evenings or just hanging around the house. It matches nearly every outfit you might wear. This is the shade I wore to Disney World.

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A Rose at Dawn....Broke by Noon

My daughter Zee picked this one out herself and I'm glad she introduced me to it. It's a really fun pink, looks great on both your hands and toes. The pink looks bright in the bottle, but trust me, it's not the type of color reserved only for teenagers going to the prom. My daughter, even though she's only two, asked me to put this on her nails when we brought it home, she was so excited about it. (They don't wear polish all the time, but once in while I let them, just for fun.) My skin is several shades darker than hers and it looked equally nice on me. Overall, it's a really fun pink, and doesn't look tacky or "too young" at all.

You can find OPI nailpolishes at most Trade Secrets, but there's a website that sells all of them at a discount. Visit OPIDiva.com and save a dollar off retail per bottle. If you're planning to buy at 6 or more bottles, the dollar savings per bottle can add up to a free bottle of nailpolish.


Cindi said...

I like the Lincoln Park after dark. The one OPI that I really like is cha-ching cherry.....it's great on the toes in the summer!!

Lisa said...

Ooh! Thanks for the info. I have been dying for some new nail polish and hate everything in the stores around here. I need something strong and a great color. :)

Unknown said...

Like the first one too - kinda reminds me of the dark one from Chanel a few years back that was so trendy..what was it? Vamp? Diva? I dunno...I like the dark ones since they look best with super short nails. Since those tend to be wjat I have to sport these days, I feel better.

Bee Amma said...

mmmmmmm that first one is scrumptious!!

Chic Mommy said...

Sadaf, you're right, Lincoln Park After Dark is actually what you would get if you mixed Chanel Vamp with the latest nailpolish craze, Chanel Black Satin, but it's less than half the cost of those. OPI retails for about $7.50 in most stores and is sooo much better in quality than Revlon. That stuff starts chipping just two days after I apply it.

I love LPAD the best too. I like the mix of purple with the black, it makes it more wearable. I can't quite yet wear a pure black nailpolish without feeling like a goth or emo.

Bengali Chick said...

Wow! Good stuff! I love all of those colors. Can we request a mascara review as well?

August Sunshine said...

I also request a mascara review. :-)

Chic Mommy said...

mascara eh? Maybe in the future, but right now my favorite is MAC Pro Lash.

pixie said...

I love OPI and have all the colors that you mentioned except Lincoln Park after dark, I'll have to give it a try!!!

AndTHEN... said...

oooh my sis recently bought that and she was wearing it..for the first and last time cuz i stole it lol
its a nice shade and makes my hands look graceful..yes graceful..it makes your hands more womanly then childish and plump which is like mine.