Thursday, November 24, 2005

Prada = Overpriced Nylon

I still don't understand what the allure is about Prada bags. The majority of them are made of nylon and look like they shouldn't cost more than $40. The designs are really ho-hum too, I've seen better knock-offs at Nine West. But today I received an e-mail from that beacon of high-style-for-less website,, telling me I just had to buy something Prada today because it was extra 20% off. I don't own anything Prada, so I thought I might take a look at the bags and see if maybe they had something nice and reasonably priced enough for me to buy. I was seriously contemplating buying this pink bag because the handle was so cute and color catchy, but after viewing it a couple times, I realized that this was actually an overpriced diaper bag with a Prada label. Why would I ever buy a diaper bag that costs $487.20, and that's a sale price! I know there's a huge "bling factor" attached to carrying a Prada bag, and Prada fans probably think they are paying the steep price for not only the label but also the quality "workmanship", but I'm still not impressed with Prada. The bag is made of NYLON, what is so expensive about nylon, a material that is essentially a plastic? Sorry bluefly, I'll pass on the Prada sale. Send me an e-mail when you have a markdown on Chanel.

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